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  • Does not work in 57

  • Great add-on! Works perfectly and runs with no issue.

  • Not compatible with Firefox 57 (Quantum).
    Always shows a sidedar, since version 56, no matter if not configured to.

  • Would be very useful if it did not display side bar when it goes to full screen on startup.

  • I finally came up to this site after having the same problem with the sidebar showing up in FF56. I see the same issues trying to turn it off but it keeps reoccurring every time I restart FF. I finally uninstalled it and went back to FF55. Only problem is when FF opens up it indicates there is an upgrade available even though I disabled the updates in options. I'm building these PC's for an end user and am afraid someone will upgrade and the sidebar will come back. It would be nice if this bug could get fixed

  • Since Firefox 56 a sidebar appears on the right side. I had two possibilities: Return to Firefox 55 or to turn on the right sidebar in mfull and then turn off the right sidebar manually again.

  • As others have been reporting, even though I have the NONE option selected for sidebar it still turns on the bookmark sidebar every time FF starts. :-(

    Correct this issue and the add-on will be perfect and worth a 5 star rating.

  • Nice app, but I cannot get rid of the sidebar appearing on the right.
    which is very annoying.

  • No longer compatible... Just updated to firefox 57.0... and it considered this addon "LEGACY" so unceremoniously disabled it... along disabling half my add ons (especially those that I use for dark themes). Not too happy. :(

  • Since October 5/2017 a bar on the right has started to appear.

  • This app provides true full screen with convenient options such as auto hide bars. HOWEVER it always forces the Menu Bar to show at every startup which is very annoying.

  • it solve the full screen problem
    only the left bottom url question ,
    may be can do it better
    any why it's great

  • If you want a single fullscreen window all the time, it seems to work. It forces bookmark and menu toolbars to be enabled in windowed mode. Tab bar options don't seem to work consistently. Auto Hide doesn't work consistently.

    I just simply want to start Firefox in fullscreen, like previous versions where able to.

  • Firefox always starts in Full Screen Mode, even when the "Always start in fullscreen" button is unchecked. Then I have to click the maximize button. Very annoying. I would not recommend this

  • When checking the option to always open full screen in the plugin control panel it always jumps to screen 1.

  • Desde que la instalé no paro de usarla, es parte de mi firefox,
    Recomendada 100%

  • I couldn't get M-kiosk to work as a kiosk the way i wanted it too. but M-full has worked almost exactly as advertised. There are occasional glitches here and there, but those could be the product of firefox or another add-on acting up. Great Add-on! Thanks!

  • Most features work exactly as they should. Except for some reason the menu-bar and bookmarks bar (even if it's empty) get switched on and come back each time you re-open FF. This was a bit frustrating at first. Then I searched for addons to turn them off and keep them off. With these simple additions, the flaws are gone. Add in another addon to remove the "now in full screen" message and you have a great setup for streaming sites. Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Twitch, or whatever your tastes may be. I also added in more addons to go well with options to move and auto hide tabs and toolbars to the bottom of the screen in the mFull addon and some scroll bar addons to help immersion with the full screen environment. All links below and it works out beautifully.

    Hides menu bar

    Hides bookmarks bar

    Hides "Website is full-screen" message

    Tabs on Bottom (below address bar)

    Changes scroll bar look. (Default is ugly)

    Auto-hides scroll bar.

    Developer response

    I'm sorry but tests have not found the defects mentioned. I also believe they are unnecessary the various add-ons that mentioned below, I am sorry. Do you enter in full screen using F11? Setup a addon witch F1?

    Please send me email that did not work right with version details and addon firefox, and print screen. Ok I'll fix everything without problems? If you need more features, please send me what they are.

    I believe not need additional addons ok?

    Thank you

  • Fire fox 42.0 PLEASE!

    Mend the browser bookmarks bar, and the tools menu that opens alone every time you restart the browser.

  • Thank you, solved a problem on TorBrowser not remembering to openi in full screen.

  • I have been looking for an add-on like this for 3-4 months that can perform the correct criteria for a Tablet Kiosk. I had almost given up until I found a link to this on the mKiosk page.

    The browser always had to start in Full Screen Mode, so users couldn't break the full screen by hitting the restore button. - Bonus, this add-on removed the restore button as well as auto-starting.

    All of the other full screen or kiosk add-ons were either too locked down, not locked down enough, or changed the standard formatting. I needed to be able to keep Tabs and hide all other tool bars, which this also accomplishes. There is only one other add-on out there that auto-starts in full screen, but it breaks full screen if the browser is already set to start in full screen, essentially it pressed F11 on start up. mFull will go to full screen on startup no matter what the status of the last session.

    This is a simple add-on... thank you for not trying to force too many changes. The only suggestion I have is try to get the screen to go to full screen on startup a bit faster.