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  • This would be beautiful for version 26.0, my husband would love it. Please, could you update for a donation? Would rate it higher if we could get it.
  • I was an user of this theme, and i want to be it again.
    Update this theme please.
  • i will give only one degrating star, what the hell, why it isn't available for Firefox 4!! >_<
  • Using it with Firefox 3.6.25 "Legacy", since they are continuing to provide support for that version for the time being.

    However, you can run multiple versions of Firefox on the same desktop OS if you know what to do and how to do it in Windows and Linux, the latter which you can ALSO run multiple versions at the same time as well, including "beta" or "alpha" versions.

    Continue shoving out new versions faster than the developers of extensions and business/professionals can keep up, at your market share and user-base peril, Mozilla!!
  • I love this add on but I still can not install it, when do they update it for firefox 4, PLEASE.
    I love this one.
  • I think this is the best theme for Firefox, but I'm waiting to install Firefox 4 because this theme is not compatible. When can we see this theme available for Firefox 4?
  • why can't available for Firefox 4.0??? i want that :(
  • By far one of, if not the best I've seen. Can't wait to see what's next.
  • "Please do not post bug reports in reviews. We do not make your email address available to add-on developers and they may need to contact you to help resolve your issue."

    I can understand that, it's fine, but we have nowhere else to post them. There's no contact information anywhere, not even on dkgo's page, linked in the title. How about a website or forum link, or even a mailto? Otherwise I'll have to post my bug report here like everyone else has done, which skews the rating results.
  • This is definitely my favorite theme that i have used so far. One of the things i liked so much about it was the fact that unselected tabs did not have a button to close them directly and had to be center button clicked or selected to close, preventing accidental closure; however that seems to no longer be the case and it has disgruntled me enough to create an account here and write this review. I really enjoy the looks of this theme as well. Im not sure if this change was due to an update of firefox itself or what but one of the main reasons i was using this theme is now gone. I often have around 20 tabs open at once (various products on online stores, reviews, news, email, information lookups etc, that i open in new tabs so i don't forget to look at them later) and its easy to accidentally click the close button rather than switch to the tab causing me to have to look through the history.
  • Hi .
    Plz Help For Me Back Button To Orginal.

    Thanks A Lot.
  • Whoever is using this extremely perfect designed theme... I very-very Strongly recommend to install this script too...



    Just check how all menus became! It's like that style created for this theme! :D
  • It's kind of neat! It's not really for me, but it's kind of neat!
  • Love this theme. Could do with darker text on form history drop down boxes tho.
  • Silver and gold look great together and that is what this theme is all about.
  • I totally love this theme - perfect with windows vista/firefox and hope You make more - too much blue out there - thank you!
  • i love the look but would ask that you consider making compatible with Flock, which is based on FF. It just isn't quite compatible, give jar error. thanks
  • не плохой дизайн
  • veary nice and so cool
  • Lovely theme which looks great with my warm Win 7 themes, plus the sunset picture I use on Google. I like the colours, the 3d effect on buttons, and the fact that it is extremely easy to read tab heading etc.

    Only thing I don't like is that the bookmarks window stays white for some reason.
  • how to do use full at this red arrow (problem) i wan change all..i wan changes full themes...see my browser..
    can help me how to changes same u design..?
    or send my email in here... setan_cartoon@yahoo.com
  • Muy Bonito el Tema, pero los colores no es compatible con Personas..
  • Please fix the mismatched graphics at Tools>Options>Advanced
  • Awesome theme.... it looks great !!!
  • Looks Great! but not worth the trouble. installed it and loved the way it appeared except for the fact that all my pages went white so I had to uninstall.