Great Note Extension Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I've tried all of the message note extensions and this one I found to be the most useful to have a persistent note attached to a specific email.

However, there are a couple of improvements that would make this even better:

1) Create a toolbar button that one clicks to add a note to an email. Right now a user has to right-click somewhere on the body of an email to open up the context menu in order to add a note. A tool bar button would greatly improve accessibility and ease of use.

2) Provide an option to add a color background to the note message box -- something other than white so the note stands out more below to the email. I used Dom Inspector to find the code and Stylish to apply my changes to color the box yellow, like a post-it note. I also changed the text to bold, as it was more readable on a yellow background.

Other than those two issues (one of which I was able to resolve on my own) this is a great add-on. Thanks so much.

UPDATE: Ok, I see the button now. My button doesn't look at all like yours, which is why I overlooked it.

My button is just a tiny gray smudge with no wording (it's so small that it has no identifiable shape or form -- it literally looks like a smudge or spot.) I didn't realize that it was a button at all.

Perhaps it is the Nuvola theme I am using that is causing the problem; I'll see what I can do to fix that because, quite frankly, all the icons on my message bar are terrible and entirely too small.

Anyhoo, my gray smudge of a Note button works, so all is well. No more of having to add a note via the context menu. FIVE stars now!! Thanks.

UPDATE2: I didn't have the option "Icons and Text" selected for that toolbar. Now, I see the wording.

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Thanks for the review

1) The button is already there. You can see it on the extension's screenshot. Let me know please if you found it or not.