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  • I have the very same problem with dark "open link in new tab" icon on firefox 53 @ linux. Please fix this.
  • I am on the aurora version of Firefox (54), and I noticed my "open link in new tab" icon is just black. It takes the form of the custom icon however.
  • Hello! I really like this extension, but I have a tiny issue. For some reason on firefox version 52, the open in new tab icon when you right click on a link on a website, appears black as you can see on the following image:


    If I right click on a link on the favorites toolbar, the open in new tab icon appears correctly.

    Before the same happened with the back and forward buttons too, but I decided to hide those options on the right click menu.

    It doesn't matters if I change the iconset. the open in new tab icon keeps appearing in black.
  • Great
  • Still good except for web search pro menu where it makes a mess of duplications.

    Please, exclude web search pro menu.
  • Love this add-on, it loads faster than cute menus. But could you pls add some icons to the Windows & Help menus. Plus a bookmark folder icon in the Bookmarks menu. Maybe a whole revisit of the add-on for all the new things Mozilla are adding in. (Mac OS FF)
  • This is a wonderful addon, makes interface more user friendly!
  • Thanks, it works.Please add the icons on the theme Noia Fox
  • Nice, just what I needed for Pale Moon to make navigation easier!! Thanks alot! :)
  • adds a nice set of icons but at a high performance cost. firefox consumes more cpu and bigger memory footprint and working set with the addon installed and enabled. too bad
  • ...mach alles ein wenig bunter. :-)
  • love love love this addon! Works great in Palemoon and adds a LOT to overall look of the browser!
  • I have a private update available for this that restores features removed and fixes issues with the current version.

    It is available upon request, or I may release it as a Menu Icons Plus Redux. Three stars for the lackluster support and the developers seemingly willful ignorance of my efforts and emails.
  • I loved it before the last update. WHY did you have to remove the OPTION to use theme default icons?!
    I don't want all the menu lines to have icons - just the few major ones. Using the said option singled those lines out perfectly. Until the author broke this function for no apparent reason... I'd love to see this "optimization" undone.

    EDIT: Ok, thanks for the reply. If you had to import those icons manually, instead of hooking them dynamically, then it's understandable that you finally dropped this option. I already overhauled my UI and will not be using this add-on anymore, but it would be unfair not to up my review rating. It's a good add-on, after all.
    I'm sorry to disappoint you with the removal of support for theme icons. With the way Mozilla has been continually changing and removing small icons from the default theme, it just wasn't practical to maintain this feature anymore. It never worked cross-platform anyway. You still have the ability to create your own custom icon set and import it into Menu Icons Plus.
  • Nice, but some menu options added by addons have their text disappear (invisible), though their options are still available.
    Please let me know which addon menu options are not compatible at http://www.codedawn.com/contact.php
  • This addon incompatible with other addon called Zoom Page 10.2. Please fix it.
  • Works and looks fine, I just wish this could be enhanced to let you pick and choose only the commands you want to have icons on (and even let you set an icon for any command).
  • Very nice! I like how this addon works automatically - no configuration required, unless you want different icons. And the number of icons covered can always use some expansion. But this is a minor detail, and all in all, this addon turned out to be a very pleasant surprise.
  • Makes menu items more easily distinguishable.
    Not a big deal, but there are some missing icons for options like "select all", "paste and go".
  • Have been using this addon for a few years I think. It adds much needed visual help in form of icons to Firefox and it's great that there are different styles to choose from.

    The only thing I'd love to see is expanding of current sets of icons. Other than that it's a great addon.
  • I disabled CuteMenu and CuteIcons over this addon and it works great!

    ...the only thing missing that I somehow cannot get to work are the checkmarks and radio buttons icons (I'm using the default theme that comes with firefox).
    Please contact me at http://www.codedawn.com/contact.php and let me know which OS version you're using, so I can investigate the checkmark/radio button issue.
  • Would love to see icons for "View Source Chart", since that extension never got an icon at all...
  • Works really great.
    If you add icon for PrivateTab addon (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/private-tab/?src=api) and "Pin Tab" when rightclicking tabs it would be awesome! :)
  • Still works in FF22! Please update the install.rdf? :)
    I've updated the compatibility on AMO...Firefox should allow you to install from there with no problem.
  • Nice !