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  • Great addon.

    The only features keeping this from being perfect is the ability to edit the context menu when right clicking the browsers taskbar button.

    I would also like to see the ability to remove the "Ctrl+Shift+B" text located beside the "Show All Bookmarks" option in the bookmarks drop down menu.

    Features that are available on some of the other competing addons.



  • Funzt soweit gut!

  • This may not be a perfect ext, yet I'll give it a perfect score for what it does/attempts to do. I *really* appreciate it and it's why I donated.

    I hope you make it compatible with Mozilla's new WebExtensions, but if you don't, that's cool too. I've used it for a couple years (I think), so I more than got my money's worth! :-)

    Thanks for your work!

  • Installed in SeaMonkey 2.48. Thank you for supporting SeaMonkey. I hope that you will continue to write versions that will support SeaMonkey (which still uses XUL add-ons).

  • If this extension doesn't let you rearrange the menu items, what good is it? Disabling/enabling items is not enough. I was looking for an alternative to Menu Wizard but this isn't it.

  • Great Add-On, can you turn it into a WebExtension so it continues to work on FF57+?

    Thanks for your efforts on fixing Mozillas mistakes and making Firefox usable, both on this and on New-Tab-Tools!

  • Menu Filter is very useful to me!
    My question is : will do a Webextension of it so it will be compatible with firefox 57+ ?
    thanks :)

  • Any hope for a FF57 update?????????

  • As some other users in the reviews, I got a blank menu, all blank.

  • Menu Filter replaced a menu editor I used for years. Compared to that extension, Menu Filter is cleaner and easier to use in every way. (As with my previous editor, there's no way to export your settings—my only quibble. But if you backup your FF profile, your settings will be saved.) Thanks to the developer!

  • Cyberfox compatible?
    It still hasn't compatible with Cyberfox :( . FYI, I like your extension. TIA and have a good day :) .

  • Polish translation?
    I still have English language :( (version 19)

    Developer response

    Oops, one vital line is missing. I'll fix it and try again!

  • Sublime, exactly what i needed, thanks so much.

  • This has got to be one of the best extensions I have ever found. It lets you hide menu items you never need, but they can be unhidden with ease. This feature should have been a part of the Firefox design from the beginning.

  • This is an excellent extension to customize Firefox menus.

    It should be built into Firefox by default.

  • If you could add Help menu in the so-called "Hamberger Menu" , I am very happy

  • I hate useless clutter that builds up on every fucking menu/toolbar, now i can just hide that crap and don't waste my time anymore.

  • Earlier, I was using Menu Editor to filter out the unneeded elements of my Firefox menus. However, I was strapped to Firefox v42.0 for a long time because any version above this would disable this add-on as it could not be verified.

    Thank God I found this little gem that works exactly like Menu Editor. If only the dev would add an option for the Export/Import of a user's personal settings (like TabMix), it would save a lot of time when reinstalling it.

    I'm happy with it though. :-)

  • My context menu was so big from addons adding to and not giving the option to take them off, I was about to uninstall half of them. I have 4 items on it now, thank you!!

    The best part of this add-on is there isn't any ads, it's also more light weight and cleaner than that other one here!

  • Does exactly what I want, gets rid of unwanted menu items. Previous issues with the extension have been fixed. Perfect.

  • Environment: Menu Filter 8.1-signed, Firefox ESR 31.8, Windows 7

    Firefox の不具合である [ツール > アプリ、Web 開発] を非表示にできます。

    メニューバーのツール > Menu Filter が追加されます。邪魔です。ただし、この項目も非表示にできます。

    アドオン自体を無効にすると、設定が元に戻ります。そのため、アドオンを有効に し続けなければいけません。しかし、[有効/無効の切り替えだけで、設定を簡単に元に戻せる] という利点もあります。

    このアドオンと [Menu Editor II] は よく似ています。しかし、[Menu Editor II] は [Video Blocker] を妨害します。Video Blocker は、YouTube で右クリック時に [Block videos from this channel] を表示します。しかし、Menu Editor II を有効にしていると、これが表示されません。この [Menu Filter] なら競合しません。よって、こちらを推奨します。

    [Menu Filter] は類似アドオン [Menu Wizard] より簡素な設計です。複雑な設定をしたい人には Menu Wizard のほうが向いています。簡単に無駄なコマンドを非表示にしたいだけの人には、こちらを推奨します。個人的には、[Menu Wizard] は複雑すぎるため、この [Menu Filter] を推奨します。


    This add-on called [Menu Filter] can delete useless commands like [Tools > app / Development].

    [Menu Filter] is similar to [Menu Editor II]. But, [Menu Filter] obstructs [Video Blocker]. [Video Blocker] displays a command [Block videos from this channel] in YouTube, when you right-click. But, if [Menu Editor II] is valid, the command cannot be displayed. So, I recommend [Menu Filter] than [Menu Editor II].

    [Menu Filter] is similar to [Menu Wizard]. [Menu Wizard] is the most complicated add-on in similar add-ons. You can select your favorite add-on. In my opinion, I like [Menu Filter]. Because, [Menu Wizard] is too complicated for me.

  • Signed, no need to restart, and the most important, it works....nothing to complain.

  • Please add ability to move menu items up and down.

  • Tab context menu is empty? No possibility to reordering items?

  • Thanks make this app. Menu Editor is dead now, and I saw your extension recommended in some forum and here I am. :)

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