Rated 5 out of 5 stars

A very useful addon that works as advertized.

My only complaint is the inability to import/export your settings. It is quite time consuming & a pain to manually adjust all your menu settings every time you reinstall firefox or install it on another machine.

It would be fantastic to simply choose to export your settings before you reinstall or freshly install firefox on another machine. Then after the re/install simply import your settings & you now immediately have your menus set to your unique custom preference.

With development being halted for so long I fear my complaint will be permanent.

Yet again another addon that I feel should come built in with the main build of firefox. If Mozilla's goal is to try to keep the browser as streamlined & simple as possible while yet being as feature filled, competent, powerful, and flexibile as possible I see no reason not to include several addon's concepts... Just because an option is available doesn't mean that every user has to use it.

What about the idea of a "Basic" & "Advanced" options mode. Basic would only display the most used options while "Advanced" would display all of the options.

This would allow "power users" the ability to customize their browser exactly how they like without having to patch together dozens of addons...

Such an idea would keep both the novice & the advanced expert satisfied.