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  • Uptate to 57 plz

    Developer response

    Sorry. There is no alternative memory API in Firefox Quantum as far as we know, so there's no way for us to update.

  • please update it so it runs on 57, love it

  • This add-on is not compatible with Firefox 57. Update, please :)

  • Update it, new firefox is not compatible!

  • You're kidding, right? You get a green circular button just to the right of your URL address bar, and all it does is re-start Firefox. I can do that without this add-on by going File/Exit and clickingon my Desktop icon. No apparent memory clearing or management, just a re-start of the browser. Is the Brooklyn Bridge for sale, by the way??? Unbelievable!

  • This add-on is not compatible with Firefox 55.0.1 (?)

  • an option to choose shutdown instead restart will be a bonus.
    because resotring many tabs takes while.
    so I would like to choose tabs to be re-opened.
    using about:config also would be great
    sorry for my bad english

  • I've observed frequently discrepancies between the memory consumption reported by the extension and by Windows Task Manager (the later reporting higher RAM usage).
    Also, since a few versions of Firefox, I've got a serious issue: (wanted) pop-up windows appear blank with no URL!
    I deactivated the ext :(

  • Shows the memory on the icon hover at 520MB when actual consumption is 1720 MB. Not working in the newer Firefox 52 or higher.

  • When option Not to Load New Tabs is On, Restarting before loading new tabs LOSES those URLs. Serious data loss issue ~

  • Использую мозиллу в многопрофильном режиме - запускаю сразу несколько рабочих профилей параллельно. Когда мозилла "раздувается" в оперативе до 2 гиг и более - начинаются в ней жуткие тормоза. Казалось бы все просто - закрыл и запустил заново, НО параллельно для контроля загруженности компа задачами использую ANVIR (anvir.net) и сначала смотрю в нем, сколько мозилла "съела" оперативы, от 1,7 гиг имеет смысл перезапустить, работать станет быстрее! При этом надо еще выяснить, какой профиль работает (у меня их около 20) и запустить именно его!
    Все задачи облегчены этой кнопкой - она и покажет занятую приложением память, и предупредит цветом о превышении заданного лимита памяти, и спросит - перезапустить ли? при случайном нажатии ( опробовал еще 10 кнопок - они тупо перезапускают профиль, без вопросов даже при случайном нажатии, а это может вызвать доп. проблемы), и если перезапуск некритичен для пользователя - можно установить автоперезапуск при превышении лимита памяти!
    Пока мне все очень нравится. Рекомендую!

  • Наступил январь. И вот уже несколько дней после нажатия Restart не появляются открытые окна (появляется только одно окно стартовой страницы). Раньше такого не было. Почему?
    Сейчас проверил у соседа. После нажатия Restart не появляются окна, открытые окна перед нажатием Restart. Появляется только стартовая страница. Почему?

  • I'm not sure if it really shows correct RAM information. I'm not sure if simply restarting Firefox is a good solution (I mean I could do it by myself - actually I already installed an addon with a restart button)... It is not a "Memory restart" it is a "Firefox restart with some info about memory".

    Good initiative, but there's a lot work to do

  • This would be a great add-on if it actually showed the correct number, but it is ALWAYS wrong. Works fine as a restart, but what's the point if it's inaccurate? Too bad it's probably never going to be updated again, sigh...

    Developer response

    The extension takes the memory numbers from the Firefox API. See about:memory.

  • Task Manager says 495MB, but Memory Restart says 578MB

  • works fine, does what it is supposed to do

  • I re-downloaded this tonite and it's working with FF 43.0.4

  • And the fact it hasn't been updated in almost 2 years tells me this is abandoned.

    The fact the official site doesn't appear to reference this either makes me suspect.

  • I get this error in browser console from time to time:
    TypeError: strings.getString is not a function memoryrestart.js:89:22

    which refers to this line:
    var tooltipText = strings.getString("extensions.memoryrestart.tooltip.high");

  • Very good..

  • As one that usually has a lot of tabs open (with multiple tab rows enabled by TabMixPlus, thank God), ending up using over 1GB ram, this is very helpful. '

    However, under FF ver. 41.1 it no longer shows the ram amount in the status bar.

  • Broken? It used to somewhat work, but now the displayed memory amount "freezes" within a few minutes. If "auto-clear" memory is working, impossible to tell.

  • This is a very useful plugin. It allows me to mouse-over the green restart button on toolbar and see how much memory Firefox is using and restart it quickly and reduce memory. Many thanks.

    The memory measurement is a little high compared to Task Manager.

  • I installed, pressed Restart Firefox... well I think you can guess what happened. The whole point is to use this to avoid crashes. The first thing it did was crash the browser!LOL!! Great job, guys.

  • Sometime Firefox RAM is just way to high and you need to restart before it crashes. I have several dozen add-ons active in Firefox, so Firefox is bound to get memory leaks from unexpected interactions of your add-ons. Even if you don't use many add-ons just try scrolling through Facebook.com, tumblr.com, or Google image search will chew up RAM into the Gigabytes and most likely crash before you get to the end of a huge timeline. These "infinite" pages cause more and more RAM to get locked up in Firefox, so Firefox and other apps performance tends to suffer especially on machines with 2GB RAM or lower. I find that if I let it get anywhere nears 1.5GB Firefox will crash. I think it is probably when Virtual Memory size goes over 2GB that seem to be the problem. This add on lets you see how big (approximately) your "in memory usage" (RAM) has reached. If you see it getting closer to the point of crashing (may vary but you will figure it out what your threshold value is) you can just click the memory usage value (Ticker in bottom right corner of add-on bar) and do a restart. I also have set "Don't load tabs until selected" so restart will take me back to around 300MB RAM use.

    Some reviews indicate that restart is occurring unexpectedly, so just to clarify the "Memory Restart Preferences", I set "Firefox memory threshold" to "1500". That setting is when the color changes, and when a auto-restart will occur. When you first install don't use the auto restart just get familiar with how much RAM Firefox is sucking up and tune the threshold for yourself. When you figure out what value you want to use you can use certain web pages to trigger a prompt when a shutdown has been trigger in Firefox so you can tell the difference to a crash. To do that, find a site that makes an alert - http://i.imgur.com/WUJwDqU.png when you close your browser. For example, Mibbit.com has a "Confirm navigate away" option. Most posting/web mail editors will do this as well by default. Keep that page open and use Firefox for a few days, so you can see when an auto restart is triggered as http://i.imgur.com/WUJwDqU.png will pop up when Firefox tries to shutdown. This can be useful if your in them middle of writing something long and you have not saved it and need to abort the restart for a few minutes to cleanup.

    If you use Firefox heavily and you notice it using huge amount of RAM and want to do restarts before it crashes this is a useful add-on to help you.

    ps. Noticed "[13:56:16.969] TypeError: strings.getString is not a function @ chrome://memoryrestart/content/memoryrestart.js:128" occurring 2 per minute on console log - reported it to developer

    Update Nov 2015:
    I am using tab groups, "tab group helper" add on , and "Don't load tabs until selected" setting, so most of the tabs are out of sight but you still take a memory hit. Firefox runs better if you don't use too many inactive tabs. For example, having 400 inactive tabs will give you a gigabyte of memory in use on start up . This add on is helpful to keep aware of what memory is in use.