You have given my Fire bck Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Who r u , u cant be a simple coder. I m sure Apple and Microsoft dont know abt u yet. I m also sure they will ruin that they didnt hired u before. U have given such an excellent addon that giving u any rating can be disrespectful but there is no other way too. Just one thing can u plz look into that why smooth scroll isnt that smooth after installing Memory Fox. Is it bcoz it is constantly running in the background. Also while writting this comment i noticed that i cud notice some flickering of text.Also one request from my side, can u plz add an option of warning instead of exactly restarting the browser. Bcoz sometimes we r in the middle of critical transactions or some imp work so we cud restart the browser manually.Otherwise 100 stars to u.Thx for the great addon

Sorry for constantly adding to my demands :) , but Activate for all processes seems to be greyed out always, am i missing sthg

Developer's Reply


Thanks for the review and comments !

I'll look into the scrolling thing soon. You can set in the Memory Fox Options delay times for memory recovery that might help with the scrolling issue you've mentioned.