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Palemoon: Working great in 3.6.13 with all my FF Addons. When I installed from this page the install link failed for Palemoon when it switched to the Addons page to show progress. It said Cannot install from that location. I tried 3 times. Warn if Addons...etc. was enabled but I did not get that prompt. Adblock = Disabled. Referer = Normal. To get the xpi I copied the url into the location bar, hit Enter and it installed.

Firefox 3.6.8: Working great [the drop in ram is fantastic!] but after toggling it on / off to see the huge drop in RAM via Task Manager, right clicking on the Add to Firefox link to Copy the xpi's URL to get a copy to save locally, I got a totally blank context menu. After a couple of min. and switching tabs a few times it was ok.

Using Memory Fox defaults as I find nothing to explain what to tweak if the Events shown in the log are not as desired acc. to your site.

Also, at http://www.browsermemory.com the "Current Pale Moon Supported Updates" Download link with the Palemoon icon points to http://www.google.com/chrome?hl=en&brand=CHMI the same as the link for your " Current Google Chrome Supported Updates" Download link.

To add Memory Fox to both Firefox and Palemoon I installed the Addon in each. To use it for All Applications and/or have it Run at Startup would I enable those options from only 1 browser's Addon Options dialog? Or both? My guess is one. Will test those features later. Suggest clarifying this somewhere.

Thankyou to the person who mentioned Palemoon here! It has opened a vast door in space-time.
Thankyou to Mozilla and all the plugin developers especially those who have seen their hard work laid waste by an unstable moving target.
Thankyou to IDEVFH for this rebirth of Firefox!!
Fox meets Ram...

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (5.4).