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As i said before, version 3.1 and now this version 3.2 are not working that well, they do not lower your memory usage! With 2 tabs open Firefox was running at exactly at 166,368k !! Eventually after 5 minutes it came down to 105,000k. My Firefox has NEVER run so high! I am now uninstalling this latest version 3.2, as it's even worse than version 3.1! I will return to AFOM - Memory Recovery & Retention For Firefox Only version 2.0, which is far better at reducing memory within Firefox. With this installed, my browser runs at an average of 60,000k.
And on a final note, PLEASE STOP REMOVING NEGATIVE COMMENTS !! I never slander the developers, so users should get to read all the negative and positive reviews! Not just the ones hand picked by you! So be fair, and play the game please!!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.2).  This user has other reviews of this add-on.

Memory Fox Not Working ?

Hi Ginjok,

It is clear and simple that there is a Operator's error in using "Memory Fox" on your system, as indicated by your stated memory metrics.

I encourage all users to turn on the Options Dialog Event Logging to check whether "Memory Fox" is truly executing and working on your system. Most of the time it's a Firewall or Virus protection program that is the culprit preventing "Memory Fox" from executing the functional API calls for memory recovery.

Note To All: "Memory Fox" is in the Mozilla's Sandbox for testing as an experimental add-on. The comments by users are welcomed by me without argument. It's a user's right to suggest to other potential users of operational issues encountered by an add-on's usage.

"Memory Fox" version 3.1 was removed due to one of the threads consuming or ( thrashing ) way to much CPU access. Ginjok, if you truly were watching the memory metrics you should have seen this issue using "Memory Fox" version 3.1. Without reservation, it is at my discretion to remove whatever version I deem necessary for downloading that will not cause operational issues on a users system. When a developer removes a version from the download area, Mozilla removes the reviews for that file version as well. This action by Mozilla is to be expected.

Maybe Ginjok, "Memory Fox" or "AFOM" is not easily consumed technically for your own personal usage, therefore, you can option to discontinue it's use for now.