Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I installed version .22 and it worked quite well - was impressed that the timer stopped as soon at the tab lost focus or the window was minimized, etc.

Unfortunately, I soon found that FF3 on my system was using up progressively more memory ... I typically leave FF open for days at a time, with ~30 odd tabs. Even so, it typically never exceeds 400KB memory footprint.

After MeeTimer, this limit jumped ... FF memory usage would increase, hour by hour - several times I saw it over 1GB before having to kill & restart FF!

I disabled (not uninstalled) MeeTimer to see if that was the culprit ... sure enough, FF memory usage has again leveled out at ~300-400kb.

I do hope the authors can find/fix the presumed memleak issue, because this is a great little utility!