Patch for 3.1+ compatibility Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I love this addon. I believe that accountability, not management, is the way to change and control behavior (including my own.) This extension helps me to do that. However, it doesn't help most people because it hasn't been updated in forever, and the developer cannot be contacted. Therefore, I gave it a low rating.

OK, I understand that we're not supposed to post bug reports, but I could not contact the developer (All of the linked sites are fakes.) This is not a bug report, it's a patch. To the mods: Please either contact the developer yourselves, perform the patch and resubmit it yourselves, or let this one through.

The extension as is won't install. However, I was able to make this work by editing a single line of a file in the extension. It's GPL'ed, so this is all legal.

Here's the walkthrough:
1. Follow the "Continue to download" link. Ignore the "Not available for Firefox 3.6.6" warning, because we're going to fix that.
2. Below the EULA, right-click the "Accept and Install" button, and choose "Save link as" from the context menu. Save the "meetimer-0.22-fx.xpi" file to a local directory.
3. XPI is just a unique extension to associate the file with your browser. It's really a ZIP archive in disguise. Use the terminal command
unzip -d meetimer meetimer-0.22-fx.xpi
or 7-zip, or your favorite archive utility to extract the enclosed files to a folder. This will result in 3 files and a folder.
4. One of the extracted files is called install.rdf. This will likely have a Firefox icon in your graphical file browser. Open it in a text editor, like Notepad, TextEdit, or gedit, or vi. Don't use Micro$oft Word, because it will modify the file format and ruin everything.
5. Down on line 22, you'll find the line:
I'm not sure if the * is even valid syntax for this field.
This is what makes it incompatible with 3.6.6.

**DISCLAIMER: There may also be incompatibilities in the code. I took a brief look at the contents of chrome/meetimer/content/, and it's all fairly generic Javascript. In theory, FF 3.6.6 will be backwards compatible with all this code, but I can't guarantee it. You have been warned. **

Change this line to:
(Or something greater than the current version.) Save the file. Now it will install!
6. .. Almost. You've got to put it back into the original file format. Navigate to the contents of the meetimer folder that you created in Step 3. Zip the 3 files and folder back up into an archive. Make sure that your folder is organized as meetimer-0.22-fx.xpi/(3 files and folder), not meetimer-0.22-fx.xpi/meetimer/(3 files and folder), because otherwise Firefox won't find the files at the root of the archive where it expects them to be. You can save it to a .zip if your archive utility insists, and then rename it later.
7. Start up Firefox. Select File->Open File (ctrl-O), then navigate to and choose the archive you just created.The familiar "Only install software from sources you trust" window will drop down. The author will no longer be signed, but, if you trust yourself, you can click "Install" when it becomes available. It will ask you to restart Firefox. Do so.
8. Now, you've got it installed! In the addons window, you'll see that "One new addon has been installed", and Meetimer 0.22 is in yellow. Click it, and choose "Preferences". A MeeTimer window will pop up. Configure your preferences here, and enjoy!

You can now delete the files we downloaded, edited, and created. Or, you can store the archive you made in case you want to reinstall later without going through this process again.
Note; This process keeps the old version number, so that a future update that includes legit compatibility patches or bug fixes will be triggered as an update.