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  • A great solution to a common problem
  • Very usable on allwinner a10 devices
    1. Can you add support for Video DownloadHelper plugin (it has an interface for adding menu buttons)?
    2. Can you add possibility to use mozplugger fox extension?
  • If this awesome Firefox extension was available for platforms other than just Linux!
  • I'm posting this here, because i don't know anywhere else to put.How do i configure MediaPlayerConnectivity to play WebM videos?. I'm using it in 24.0a1 (2013-05-26) Nightly, in Lubuntu 13.04 by disabling Firefox's addon compatibity checking.I was thinking using MPlayer. Or a plugin, for example: Gecko-MediaPlayer or the VLC Web Plugin, although i don't know if this is possible.
  • хорошее дополнение
  • Tão simples e efetivo quanto possível. Ótimo para iniciantes, intuitivo e versátil.
  • use this addon with the userscript below and switching back and forth from a great youtube alternative player and vlc will be simple http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/87011 set mpc to play quicktime in vlc
  • It is a great switch for all those players in the world. (Especially when one uses Linux.)
    Very nice and thanks a lot!!
  • I have just installed this again (realised after I installed it that I had used it years ago in FF1 days but never really found it useful after having it sat there for ages) and have uninstalled it for 2 reasons.

    Firstly it doesn't do what I want it to It tries to play SWF streams from Youtube rather than the embedded video which is no good to me.

    Secondly, upon checking the players that it had discovered during installation it had picked players from another installation on the same computer. It shouldn't be looking in other installations. Basic error that should have been done properly from day 1. This addon is too old to be so shoddy. This is the main reason I have given it the single star, only because I can;t give it none.
  • MediaPlayerConnectivity has NEVER detected a single video stream. I have tried this extension so many times over the years -- for me, every time it was completely useless
  • Je l'utilise uniquement pour les fichiers MP3, c'est excellent et ça permet d'aller directement à un endroit du morceau sans attendre que le morceau soit téléchargé...
    Bref il faut que Mr Jarrier reprenne la main de son extension, c'est un travail génial continue stp ! ( contrib OK )
    Une extension "Must Have"
  • Install this extension to allow MediaPlayerConnectivity to work with FF 8.0:

    Be sure and get MediaPlayerConnectivity v0.9.4 from the version history!
  • 很好的扩展,希望支持FF8.0.1
  • Doesn´t work with Firefox 7.0.1!!! :( It was the best add-on for downloading streaming videos!
  • Does not work as expected using against Media Player Classic Home Cinema. Showing the player swf instead of the content stream from YouTube. Had this worked i'd easily given it a 5!

    Also it should be version bumped so that ppl don't have to change maxversion manually.
  • I'll pay/donate 5 times the default sum if somebody writes a simpler way to make this one work for Firefox 5.0 on Linux/Ubuntu... Da mn the Firefox update team....
  • To get it up and running with FF5 you have to unzip the xpi file (e.g. from version 0.9.4) and to change the maxVersion number in the file install.rdf to 6.* (so it should also be working with the next release). Afterwards zip the files again, rename the zip to xpi and open the xpi with FF 5.x


    $ diff install.rdf.~1~ install.rdf
    < 0.9.4
    > 0.9.5
    < 4.0.*
    > 6.*

  • I'm a noob and I need explicit instructions on how to do the modifications recommended by this poster. It sounds promising, as mpc 0.9.4 does not function for me in FF 4.01. Thanks in advance for any and all help.
  • for FF4 you need to strip the install.rdf file from .xpi and modify "3.6" to 4.0.x" and rebuild the .xpi and install the the same in FF4.

  • Hoped to use this to watch Flash H264 content in Media Player Classic with CoreAVC to improve performance. Unfortunately with every site I've tried MediaPlayerConnectivity reads the .swf player file, but none of the flash streams. A real disappointment.
  • @firefoxguru: https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/mediaplayerconnectivity/versions/?page=1#version-0.9.4
    via simple google search
  • Can someone or "leimbeno" tell me were to find the 0.9.4? I don't use FF4 yet. you know why
  • Works great on WIndows 7 + firefox 4, does not on Snow Leopard with Firefox4.
  • As the developer states, this add-on does not work in OSX, so Mac users are out of luck on this one.