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  • Отличное
  • Meilleurs module, même mieux que IDM
    Dommage mais obsolète maintenant sur FireFox
    Incompatible extensions.
    Better module, even better than IDM
    Too bad but obsolete now on FireFox
    Incompatible extensions.

    thanks anyways
  • its not working at this time with me
  • Some format cannot download, and installation of ffmpeg failed on my linux, I'm using Kali Rolling 2017.3
  • Why I cant download this one in latest version of firefox android?
  • for me its the best that i ve found in addons
  • good
  • FINALLY, a downloader that works on Firefox mobile. Thank you dev!
  • Ramadinha
  • 试一哈
  • It doesn't work. None of these work. IDK what happened; 2-3 months ago there were downloaders that weren't fake garbage. Now there aren't.
  • This one works when others don't. I reinstalled Firefox and ended up losing it. I tried 3 other downloaders that wouldn't work and I wasted a lot of time trying to find out why to no avail. Then I just now found this one again and ot worked immediately. Thank you very much.
  • Ideał
  • unusable
  • Fj
  • Πολύ καλό
  • Mind blowing browser
  • Ótimo
  • Okay
  • Other extensions either have ads or limit what you can download to get you to pay for an upgrade. Not this one.
  • Gudd
  • I like this extension
  • good
  • If there are alot of links on the page it displays,
    the list is bigger than the screen, and t un able tp scroll at all, so i cannot see, nor select any lower choices.

    Very frustrating.
  • اگه کار کنه خوبه