Pricey Rated 1 out of 5 stars

fails any download of videos over 1 minute long, for most downloads it lags, if there is a successful download and conversion the resulting video is very poor quality even if you downloaded a high quality video, there is a 5 download daily limit because they are worried about server bandwidths, after which you have to pay as much as $150 for a one year subscription to avoid download daily limits, which they claim is a one time fee. There are better video downloaders out there that are faster, free, don't require third party servers, don't have a 5 download limit and certainly don't require a pricey sign up. I don't recommend this add on. The homepage for this add on says it is Free. ~~~ "the fastest free online audio and video converter" ~~~ Clearly it is not. Also, i found it rather odd that the previous two users who voted this 5 stars and found this addon flawless only to find this was the ONLY one they rated EVER also advertise this addon in their homepages. That doesn't set good with me. Company employees? Any company doing this is a company not to be trusted with your money ~~~~~ 1 star