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353 reviews for this add-on
  • Excellent add-on, I cannot develop without it, saves me hours of trial and error with px measurements.

    Thanks a lot Kevin Freitas!

  • Incredible Tool!
    But need to be updateв for FF 3.1 ASAP

  • Great tool. very handy! As a professional web developer, I find myself needing to get odd measurements all the time and this tool does it for me every time.

  • Excellent add-on. Definitely a must.
    However, I often find it hard to make a highly precise selection. The add-on could therefore support guide lines and have the MeasureIt ruler snap to them, like in image editing software.
    Has this feature been considered?

  • Nice tool. Save you a step without opening an image editor to get the size of a copy web image.

  • I have found this tool to be very useful. I used to have to take a screen shot then copy it into Photoshop or Fireworks to measure an area. Now it's easy.

  • Awesome. :)

  • This is one of my most used add-ons. I just wish it also provided X and Y as well. None the less, it is a great app.

  • Excellent Add-on. Quite simple and pretty useful.

    Kevin, what about to display Aspect Ratio? For example, it would be nice to know if a screenshot is 16:9 or not.

  • I really like this thing I find very annoying is that if you drag your cursor too fast the drag event is intercepted by the info box.

  • Definitely an Add-On that comes in handy when needed. Let us know when you're able to tackle additional features on your wish list (mentioned on your home page), such as on-the-fly resizing and the grid.

  • Such a simple idea, but it makes life so much easier when you're developing and trying to fit pieces together.

  • Its really a good tool for Web Designers as well as Developers - Great job there.....

  • A great extension. Very useful for web development!

  • This and Colorzilla have been my best friends for 3 years now.

  • very great

  • Priceless!!! An absolute MUST for designers.

  • nice simple tool

  • I have personally found this add-on to be very useful. Thanks.

  • I absolutely agree - MeasureIt and Colorzilla are a must for webmasters. Thanks a lot for 0.3.8 - works great after I altered browser.mainfest.

    @everybody else: Download and config changes see Kevin's website.

  • Hi Kevin,

    This add on is a god send and makes my day-to-day web editing so much easier.

    Any chance of an RC2 update soon?



  • Extremely useful for web design!
    MeasureIt + Colorzilla = Must have for webmaster!
    MUST be part of Mozilla maintained add-ons!

  • Very useful, I miss it a lot from my FF3... :'(

  • please, please update for FF3! This simple little utility has been an amazingly useful devel tool. Have found a version of the color grabber elsewhere, but no one else seems to have devised anything like this sweet electronic tape-measure.

  • It's not working with Firefox 3 Rc1. On last beta version of firefox 3 was working but now no.