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  • ghjkhjj
  • Léger simple et super utile, merci !
  • OK
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  • this is best sofwerwer
  • !!!!מדוע אין את כלי המדידה? גרוע ביותר
  • unable to add addons to new version :(
  • why firefox last version make out of order a lot of good plug-gins ????
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  • Atualizem para usarmos na versão 57 do firefox, por favor.

    A extensão é ótima, parabéns aos desenvolvedores!
  • Sure it's a ruler. Shows you how large, in pixels, something is. But, that's ALL it does. No configuration at all. And to top it off, the author thinks a $10 donation is appropriate.
    Well, me thinks not. This thing is next to useless and I'm fixing to remove it, now. I'll write my own damned ruler extension.
  • Thank you for your practical addon !
  • I used this plug-in for years, and I loved it, but it does not work anymore (hence the one star rating). I'm using FF v50. Hopefully the developer can update the plug-in in the near future.
  • This extension does what it needs to do... when it works. I am a developer, and currently use FIREFOX DEVELOPER EDITION. This extension does not work in FDE for some reason. So I have to give it a low score. Fix it, and you got 5 stars, baby!

    EDIT... Seems to be working SOMETIMES in FDE now. Still checking how stable it is. 4 stars. Once I confirm stability on all pages... you got 5! :)
  • Просто отлично!
    Много лет использую это дополнение, надеюсь и в дальнейшем оно будет помогать мне в работе!
    Благодарю разработчика!
  • Not working anymore.
  • Отличная линейка
  • I love it. It's a basic in WEB development.
    Er... It would be nice to change the font size in tooltip. I mean, to be able to change font size. In big resolutions is difficult to read the small tooltip with small fonts.
    Thank you for this plugin.
  • MeasureIt is a great addon, but unfortunately it currently does not work when the Image Zoom addon is installed (Firefox 47.0).
  • On Firefox 46.0.1,if I install both httpfox and measureIt,the second one doesn't work.
  • Thank you for maintaining this plugin. A magnifying function would be even better. Thank you!
  • I love measure it and I realized it even more when it was NOT working. Thanks for fixing it so quickly!
    It's a real time saver.
  • Al actualizar Firefox a la versión 45, el plugin MeasureIt no funciona, al hacer cli no permite utilizar la regla.
    Hola Gabriel! I'm happy to say I've updated MeasureIt and, once Mozilla reviews, it should updated and continue to work for you.

    Cheers and thanks for using MeasureIt!

    ~ Kevin
  • I love this app but it doesn't seem to work on firefox version 45.0.
    Please provide an update.
    Thanks Deebjeet. I'm happy to report a patch is in and, once reviewed by Mozilla, your copy of MeasureIt should update and continue working for you.

    Cheers and thanks for using MeasureIt!

    ~ Kevin
  • I love this extension but it does not work on version 45. Can you update it?

    Its working as great as before thanks!
    Thanks so much sporedd! I just submitted an update and, once reviewed/approved, your copy should update and continue working.

    Cheers and thanks for using MeasureIt!

    ~ Kevin