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  • Works as expected. Useful. I did not notice any performance degradation. Thanks.
  • excellent, maybe we would like a screen percentage measurement?
  • Would like it if you right click on what you want to measure and it has its own menu thing, and/or you click the icon and then click what you want to measure. I don't understand why this only has a keybind that doesn't make much sense. Edit: Tested the keybind, it doesn't work for me
    That sounds like a good option, but I would like to implement it as part of new add-on. This add-on solves only one purpose that is to measure any part of window with selection area handled with mouse.
    As a quick solution for your query, you can do that via inspect element feature in your right click menu :)
  • excellent
  • خدا کنه خوب باشه وگرنه این همه اینترنت بیچاره دادم بش
  • One of these little things that make your life more comfortable.
  • its beter than ruler ,
  • Disappointing! Did not work at all!
    This do not work on addons.mozilla.org(due to firefox restrictions), did you try on any other website?