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  • It possible of l' would be; to have for Firefox 3? Because it is really well.

  • It is brilliant, this is for that which I remained with version 2 because it n' is not compatible with version 3. With when compatibility with version 3? Quickly that I can pass to version 3 of firefox

  • I liked it. It was the only theme I used when I had Firefox 2.0.

  • I liked it. It was the only theme I used when I had Firefox 2.0.

  • This is a superb theme that I've been using for several months. Unfortunately, I've now upgraded to Firefox 3 and Maxi is not compatible. Miron Costant, please update Maxi.

  • waiting the version for ff3! Good theme ;)

  • I've been more than 1 year using this theme with my old Firefox 2 and I really love it... The appearance is really soft and pleasant to my eyes. Now I'm upgrading to Firefox 3 and this themes is not compatible with it. So could you make an update for Firefox 3 please? I will really appreciate it.. Anyway, thanks for this nice theme.

  • i love the theme, i did use blue ice but this is far easier on the eyes. you could change the icons for folders in the bookmarks toolbar to something like the blue ice ones though.

  • I originally passed on Max because I was bummed that Planet Mir wasn't going to receive a FF 2 update as this was supposed to be Mir's replacement on FF 2. But on second review (and Mir's finally been bumped for FF 2 compatibility), Maxi's pretty awesome.

    I'd love to see other areas of Firefox get the Maxi treatment. I give Maxi a 8 out of 10. It's a good theme.

  • I'm actually very surprised that there has been only one review besides mine now. I actually did some digging around to find this theme (since it wasn't in like the top 40 or so), but this is EASILY the BEST theme I have seen in firefox and I wanted the author to know that it rocks. Its actually somewhat reminiscent of the windows look. I don't know if that was the goal or not, but it just works very well. Beautiful theme.

  • Love your theme man...great colors and simplicity, also I love the mouse-over effects. However, I wish you could have modded the reload/stop buttons like you did the back/forward ones--anyhow, great job.