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  • It was great and easy setup
  • L'animation est fluide et ne perturbe pas la lecture. Très sympathique !
  • Looks great, contrary to what others have said, it runs great (at least on my version).
  • Great job. Love this movie.
    Thx. :-)
  • It`s Cool!!
  • An awesome theme. Thank you.
  • Love using this theme! However, the animation doesn't auto-load for me on startup. I have to disable then re-enable the theme everytime time I start Firefox (Ver 29.0.1 / OS Win 7 HP). Removing 1 star for this. Peace.
  • Great!! I like this
  • Very cool on Aurora 31.0a2 but I can't use it because I'd drive myself crazy watching it all day.

    Great work..!!!
  • Прикольно що з анімацією :)
  • Adorei, estilo do filme matrix.
    Para quem e fan do filme matrix eu recomendo fazer o download deste tema.
    <(_ _*)>
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this design. It reminds me of falling rain. The pace of the animation is perfect. Great Job!!! :D
  • Good job!!
  • Awesome Theme

    Wonderful the actual theme itself, although having the potential to, refrains from interferuing with general usage and the annoyance! GREAT JOB!

    I myself am a sucker for cliche haxor ish myself. =P ..and I love it! HACK THE PLANET!

  • kenapa tema ini tidak dapat bergerak di firefox saya?
  • Very cool.
  • Cool theme
  • muy buen tema
    <(_ _*)> Thanks everyone!!
  • Nice look and very cool when it works properly.3D action is why I got it.
  • Es como para alguien experto en computadores
  • i love it... its epic
  • Очень симпатичная тема. Красиво переливаются символы, а цвет не напрягает глаза.