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153 reviews for this add-on
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  • 为了这些旧式扩展,只能永久停留在56了。。。

  • extends Thunderbird, Seamonkey and Pale Moon build-in password manager with timout, automatic lock and other useful features.
    Before you start complaining this extension is not compatible with Firefox 57+, learn WHY Mozilla ruined own product by removing XUL add-ons and replacing it with crippled-down API.

  • me gusta todo lastima que no funcione con firefox quantum.

  • Thank you. Used to work great under Pale Moon, but stopped working after updating Pale Moon to 27.8.0
    Update: works fine on PM 27.8.1

  • ya podian arreglarlo uno de los mejores complementos que he probado.

    Developer response

    There is nothing to update, Firefox Quantum doesn't have the needed capability for this addon to exist. It still works with Waterfox and Palemoon (and other Firefox - based browsers that support "legacy" extensions)

  • Обновите, пожалуйста, для новых версий Firefox.

    upd.: Очень жаль. Самое лучшее расширение из подобных.

    Developer response

    К сожалению это не возможно, потому что новый Firefox не имеет необходимых функций.

  • I used this addon with Pale Moon for years and it still works - but it seems it COULD be incompatible to FEBE.

    Could you check that, please? - version 10.2 is for Pale Moon.

  • Последняя версия крашит Файрфокс. Установил 1.28.2

    The latest version causes a crash of Firefox. Use 1.28.2

    Developer response

    If it's crashing Firefox when show prompt on startup is enabled, try wait a few seconds before entering password. It's an issue in Firefox itself, when initialization interrupted with a modal window. I'm trying find a solution for that, so far no luck.

  • its very goood

  • Отлично

  • firefox is not secure without this extension. hoping this will be updated for new version of firefox.

    Developer response

    Sorry, can't do, current webextension API doesn't have the capability.

  • PLEASE UPDATE FOR USE WITH QUANTUM! This was a the only alternative i had to keep my tabs intact on the family computer.

  • Miss this extension... Damm you Firefox Quantun

  • I think mozilla is stubborn, you should develop it for 57. or for opera and chrome - vivaldi

    Developer response

    The problem is 57 is exactly the same as Chrome and Opera, therefore not possible make something like MP+ with pathetic WebExtension APi

  • continue de me demander le mot de passe apres la désintalation

    -EDIT :
    Thanks for answering, gave back some stars :)

    Developer response

    and then please try understand what this extension actually does - it explained in the description.

  • Es una pena que deje de funcionar con la última versión de Firefox

  • best service

  • Hello Sir, Your app is really useful and great. But it is not supported in FIREFOX QUANTUM.
    Sir, kindly update your extension so that we can use it in FIREFOX QUANTUM.

    Really it will be helpful for us. Thank You sir. WAITING for your reply and EXTENSION UPDATE.

    Developer response

    Sorry, can't do. Quantum is equal to Google's Chrome, which means extensions are limited to such pathetic level, that it's no more powerful than a userscript.

  • Not compatible with Firefox Quantum. Need to update it.

    Developer response

    Can't do. Quantum doesn't give enough freedom for developers in what they can do.

  • Many thanks for this well-thought-out extension. Works just fine on Pale Moon.

  • cuando sera compatible con firefox final?

  • Melhor aplicativo.

  • Stop complaining about Firefox 57 people. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE DEVELOPER TO MAKE IT WORK WITH FIREFOX 57, because of Mozilla's decisions.

  • 57不能用了,开发者也不更新了,默哀,firefox no zuo no die,byebye