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  • what if this tool itself hacked our master password application??how much secure it is?and how to find how much add on is secure?
  • Is there any chance of this tool being updated to work with 9.0.1? This tool does exactly what I want, no more, no less. It was an outstanding tool till the Firefox update progression broke it. The support link is broken and Google provided no joy.
  • Nice idea, but it does not work correct with version 7.x
    Sometimes you need to type the pw again after setted time although you are working and sometimes it is not neccessary althoug the pc was not used.
    e.g. I set it to 60 seconds. This morning I do not need to retype the password althoug the laptop was not used over night.
  • This works just fine with FF4b8 and should be bumped to reflect that.
  • Please add support for Thunderbird.
  • Thanks for the new version! And I think Aramaicus' suggestions are excellent.
  • [b]Version 0.3.1 works with Firefox 3.6[/b]

    One suggestion: Create an icon on the Navigation Bar that allows to reset the Master Password and also an icon in the status bar to know when the Master Password is enabled or not.
  • This is one of the first addons I install when I set up anyone's FF. I have used this for a very long time until 3.6. Someone needs to pick up the baton and fix this much needed app!
  • Great addon!

    Please add support for Thunderbird.. :D
  • This is a must have feature for a master password scheme. Should be incorporated into main firefox preferences.
  • works great. a little annoyance problem with sxipper, not sure who's fault it is, but i can live with it.
  • Very useful indeed. It answers a vulnerability in the Firefox master password system, and so far works fine under Snow Leopard. Thanks to the developer for a very neat bit of software.

  • The ability to "log out" of the master password without restarting the browser should be a built-in feature of Firefox. Fortunately this extension provides the log-out feature, which can help one keep their stored passwords more secure.
  • This is perfect! However, I wish it worked with FF 3.5 :(
  • Adds a much needed security feature. For those of us who keep a browser open for days at a time, Master Password Timeout makes Firefox's password storage secure again.
  • I'm not sure if it's related after installing Master Password Timeout, Tools>Options>Contents temporarily would not display settings or allow adjustments to any of the Contents parameters like Popup-blocking, Java, or JS.
  • It shouldn't be wiping out your passwords without your input.
  • perfect - this should really be a standard feature of Firefox.
  • It wipes out all your saved passwords on install and uninstall.
  • Absolutely indispensable! I can't believe this functionality hasn't yet been integrated into Firefox officially. Please please please update for 3.0!
  • Essential at work ... Please update for use with v3. tnx.
  • Please Update Add-on for Firefox 3 RC1. Thank you.
  • This was a much needed program that should have been included with Firefox. But, I thank you for creating it. GREAT!

  • This is a great tool. I especially like it because if my laptop gets stolen (and it is in hibernation or sleep mode, which it often is, with firefox open) it makes it more likely that my passwords are safe. I know that there are ways to extract them anyway, but 95% of people arent going to know that and this makes me feel much more secure.

    I tried to contact the creator, who hasnt updated this in some time, but his website is dead.

    If he reads this i do have a question and a possible recommendation based on that question.

    does this rely on its own timer, or does it go by system time? If would like to see it go by the system time so that way if i put my laptop to sleep and 30 minutes go by, it would 'realize' this and lock (if its over the set timeout), rather than its own timer 'pausing' count when in sleep mode.
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