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  • Mason needs a site setup where people can download scripts by more talented people. GreaseMonkey already has UserScripts.org

    RegEx is not everyone's favorite. Mason would do well to have an optional, simple, wildcard mode.

  • 很不错,解决了很多下载问题。

  • 恭喜Mason成功走出沙盒

  • A must-have addon. Great!

  • 请问,主页为什么打不开了?

    Developer response


  • 主页怎么打不开啊?

    Developer response

    对不起,正在维护中,应该今明两天就好了 :(

  • 很看好您哦,加油

  • Great plugin! Joy for the developer!

  • its very good app,
    work well instead of my Fake Referrer js and i can dowload some mp3 or flv...from limited webs,
    hope it that the add-on can support more customizable rules,thanks for the job
    At the same time,i also hope the add-on can go through the sandbox,and all can enjoy it,because it is an excellent add-on if u can write the Regular Expression,if u not,u can use it easily ,too

  • great! update so quickly

  • Glad to see there is a continuance of the project with some useful rules available already.

    Keep it up!

  • 很好

  • Great App,I can download youtube video without installing any other addons.

  • 不错,已经比较完善了。

  • simply useful!

  • Good!