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  • 很好用!相信随着不断扩充规则会更好用!
  • 必备
  • Unfortunately, this didn't work for me. I was trying to modify an application/custom-app content-type to text/plain so that Firefox would display it instead of trying to download it. I just couldn't get it to work. The 'Force Content-Type' extension did work, despite being even older than this one.
  • 目前只是用来破解防盗链和防止 wap 百度云跳转。

  • OMG....
    It's God's script.

    What the hell...it's incredible...
    Much Better than Adblock
  • create custom rules from apis google jquery and dojo to local
    works even with vpn/proxy :))))))))))

    best ever?

    perhaps you could rewrite your addon with just this functionality and the major librarys like jquery ui and other build in or easy to configure !?!?
  • 唉,好久不更新的,其实很好用的东东啊
  • My son approves this!
  • This add-on is invaluable in certain narrow contexts! I regularly connect to an old IIS installation I can't modify that misreports Office doctypes, and I was able to make a Mason rule to fix them before the file was presented for download. This is a powerful, flexible tool. A tip: regular expressions in this tool use the javascript regex engine.
  • 最喜欢的拓展
  • It's powerful.
  • 作者需要更新了,18下已经失效。为了这个扩展,我都不想更新,希望作者回来
  • 很棒的扩展,可是好久没更新了。
  • 不知这个扩展可不可以加入类似FoxReplace那样的网页文字内容替换功能?
  • 很强大的扩展,我已经抛弃连正则式都不支持的 Refcontrol 了。
  • needs a repository option or a list of subscriptions like adblock lite, adblock "plus", or karma blocker (soon)
  • 屌爆了
  • 自定义表情的脚本在哪里下载? 能给个链接吗
  • We need an extra option so that we can choose:
    1. To add your own script at the beginning of the page (current behavior).
    2. To add your own script at the end of the page (new).

    Because when added at the beginning, we always have to use Event Listener DCOMContentLoaded.
    With option 2, adding at the end, we can write code that would be executed immediately while all the variables and functions above our code are available.
  • 非常棒~
  • 一个很好用的扩展,不过就是用的人少了一点。
  • 一个重定向就能完全自定义网站了
  • 作者应该再建个英文版的主页
  • 这么好的东西,不过貌似知道的人不多啊……
  • 神器!