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  • I had to follow the instructions on the home page to set up the markdown mime type on linux, and with that it works marvelously.
  • Does not work if the .md extension is in upper case.
  • Considered installing but the excessive permission requirements put me off.
    Please be clear WHY the extension needs 'Access your data for all websites' as a permission requirement if it will be accessing only local data.
  • Not working!
  • It works. For those like me using Linux, you should read the README in https://github.com/KeithLRobertson/markdown-viewer/blob/master/README.md#installing-on-linux At first it seemed like it was a no go but after reading the docs and following the procedure, the extension works just fine.
  • Doesn't work. There's no button, and opening a local file on Linux still tries to download it.
  • This is pretty good and does what I want. You can open a a markdown (.md) file on your machine in Firefox. There are multiple ways to style the page.

    By default a small enlargable box is top left and you can click on this to get 3 options.

    The first allows you to switch between the default and GitHub markdown style. (no utf-8 on one?).

    The second has a decent list of styles that would be good but this didn't work for me.

    The final option is a button to download the file as HTML. This works though the HTML is rather messy as it has all the code and styling for the dropdown box. You can remove the dropdown box though in the app’s settings though then of course you can’t click it to save as HTML. However you can delete the excess code from the file if you want to, though it's an extra step.

    At least three other ways exist to to style pages. One is to write custom styles in the text box on the apps settings page. This is good for default styles.

    Another way is to link to an external CSS file (put the link at the bottom of the page otherwise it won't work properly). You can also use an embedded stylesheet anywhere on the page (between two style tags).

    All in all this is a great little add-on. Loses a mark from me because the dropdown styles didn't work for some reason and the generated HTML was messy.
  • Great extension.
    Please, can you add markdown type mime "text/markdown" support (https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7763).
  • Awesome! Works very well, good job!
  • Doesn't work. There's no button, and opening a local file on Linux still tries to download it.