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  • I'm learning Mandarin and this add on has been such a big help. Cheers to the developer!
  • One of the best translators available. IIt's provided instant reliable answers which is ideal if you're learning Mandarin. This can be a very useful extension and I would highly recommend those looking for help with Mandarin to install this!
  • Hover over any word and it gives pinyin and its meaning, combined with multilanguage tts addon makes mandarin learning a breeze
  • This is the fastest pop-up Chinese translator I've ever used for Firefox, the translation literally pops up instantly as you hover over Chinese text.

    The only problem is the toggle button which disappeared following some Firefox update and now there's no way to toggle the pop-ups. This is a small problem but ideally it would be nice to get it fixed.

    The other problem is that pop-ups only work in the first open Firefox window when multiple windows are open, currently I use this bug to my advantage because there is no toggle button, so I just pull tabs from the first window when I don't need the pop-ups.

    One other thing about the toggle button, it used to be a huuuugely long button with a text label "Mandarin Popup", this button was much bigger than it needed to be. In my opinion a small square button with an icon would save space and look more aesthetically pleasing.

    One small final complaint, Mandarin Popup seems to work everywhere except in text input boxes. It would be awesome if it could work there too.

    Thanks for this awesome plugin, it has helped me a lot while learning Chinese :)
  • This add-on has been working really well for me for many years. Since a firefox update a few years ago the toggle button vanished, so that I now can't easily turn the add-on off. Also the add-on only works in the first opened firefox window.
  • Works pretty well. Occasionally fails to show popup, but still the best option I've found.
  • Excellent. I have been using this add on for years. It is a life saver. I read and write Chinese well. My eyes are not as good as they were and the magnifying function has been a lifesaver. Not only does it have Pin Yin, but it has the stupid Bo Po Mo Fo system as well.
    I would die without this software.
  • Got to rely on it but just realized it does not work in the office - presumably the corporate firewall is blocking it. It must look up the characters on the fly with consequent risk of information leakage.
  • Program works well but when installed in my FireFox Nightly it prevented some popup's from working in my WEB email clients. The popup's that did not work were buttons like but not limited to "reply" "reply all" and "attach file". Had similar issues with Chrome.
  • Using Windows XP 32 bit and Firefox 14.01, Mandarin Popup works fine, very easy to read the tone marks, pop up box is clearcut without any frills.
    I also appreciate the up to date references on people, places, events etc. that I don't find in my commercial dictionary.
    Thank you very much! July 31st 2012. Pat
  • Thanks very much. I love this add-on.
  • One of the two best Chinese translation addons! I especially like the offline dictionary, very convenient. Thanks for the great work!

    However, three things are less optimal: 1. There's no icon on addon bar (only a long text description), this makes it impractical to drag it to toolbar so one could hide addon bar to save vertical space. 2. Maybe more importantly, mouseover popup gets annoying quite quickly. If there's an option to change to select word then popup that'd be much better! 3. If you disable the popup by clicking on the text on addon bar, when FF is closed and start up again, it's in enabled mode again because the default option is to enable popup on browser start. IMO this option should be turned off by default and browser start up should keep the last saved state of disabled/enabled.

    BTW it still works in FF8 if you have addon compatibility reporter installed.
  • Great add-on, very helpful in my Chinese studies. I'm using it all the time. However, I have recently updated to the 4.0.6 beta version of Firefox and the add-on is no longer available. Can you add the support for newer versions of the browser?
  • As others have said, I've tried just about every Chinese-language aid add-on and all of the mouse-over style dictionaries and this is the best by far. I wish the developers had a web site or some way to communicate directly though. This is THE ONLY REASON I USE FIREFOX these days and I totally rely on it. I wish the developers would make a version for other browsers and for Firefox 4! Great work, just hoping you'll expand and continue.
  • Very helpful! Thank you. And I second Ogdog's suggestion to use a small icon for the status bar instead of all the text. I've used another add-on to hide the text because it clutters up the status bar.
  • works great. i've tried a number of chinese to english online translators. this one works the best.

    (note to mandarin popup: i could not find this add on when searching 'chinese dictionary'. more folks may download this extension if more folks could find it :)
  • I hope Mandarin Pop-up gets updated to FF 4 when it comes out, because this extension is the only reason I ever go back to FF 3.6 these days. I've tried almost all of the Chinese dictionaries for FF, and several stand alone programs, and this one is the definitely the best.

    Having the main pop-up feature for unfamiliar characters is great enough, but where this extension in particular shines is the searchable dictionary you can use during any occasion. Even when you don't know exactly what word you are searching for, half-guessing the pin yin is enough to yield a list of results to look through.

    Best of all, the dictionary includes measure words in parentheses next to the dictionary definitions, which is a huge help, and something a lot of other dictionaries are missing.
  • Very useful add-on for Chinese language learners! Great job.

    I have two suggestions for improvements:

    - Make it an option to have to select text to see the definitions instead of always automatic on hover-over. I'd love to be able to flip between those two options

    -Make the "Mandarin Popup:Enabled/Disabled" in the status bar a small icon of some sort that is crossed out when disabled. The words spelled out take up a huge amount of room in the status bar.
  • Wow, this is exactly as good as it sounds.

    Hover over any chinese character, and it gives you all its meanings in English, plus the pinyin. It even spots combinations of characters that make common phrases, and has an optional built in dictionary.

    The only way this could be better would be an option to see an animation of the characters being drawn (great for learning them quickly). I'd pay for that as an optional premium add-on.
  • This is something I really need and use quite regularly, because there are many Mandarin Chinese words I do not recognize, and this helps me read mandarin.

    I speak & understand spoken mandarin, so all I need is to get the pronunciation (pinyin) of the word. The simple pop-up interface on the page is great. (I think it will be even better if there is a way to keep it always on top, because if I remember correctly, it will sometimes get blocked by flash videos like for example the youtube videos.)

    Thank you SO much for this and please keep updating it (it's currently not compatible with FF3.6 beta 5 in case anyone is thinking of making the jump)
  • man, I need to buy your a beer for this. thanks.
  • use shift+esc to pull up the dictionary
  • It's the best from the other Add-Ons Luuuurrrvvveeee it! :)
  • Excellent!A great asset for studying Mandarin.
  • although i don't know much , i think this is the best popup dictionary for mandarin.

    It's better than chineseperakun because the more accurate definition.

    And i prefer this interface to the zhongwen interface. Especially the way you can switch it on/off with one click

    it's also faster than nciku (obviously), but it got less option.

    just my opinion

    thanks a lot for this addon
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