32 reviews for this add-on
  • A good tool for analysts.
  • This add-on is in-need of an update of what/where the various links connect with.
  • Great addon! Works fine with 4.0 and has a bigger selection of security sites/services to search. Thanks!
  • Please, update Malware Search so that it works with Firefox 4.0
  • This add-on works perfectly with Firefox 4 RC!!! (Unfortunately, the Add-on Compatibility Reporter is not providing the ability to provide that feedback.)
  • This is a flippin brilliant add-on! I had a very small proportion of the sites in my search engine list so I could look up not just HiJackThis logs but possibly dodgy URL's etc.

    Now I have found this, thank you so much x100, indispensable add-on.
  • All I can do is echo the other users reviews. My malware training research would be so much more difficult without this add on. It would certainly be handy though if the developer could give the user an option to add other malware related sites to the list.
  • A great add-on. Can you add this site as well - http://htlogs.com ?

  • A great way to research malware on systems. Would it be possible to add the following site to the add-on - http://www.spywarelib.com ?
  • Parabéns pelo plugin, ajuda muito a consultar startups
  • muy buena tranquilidad para navegar
  • Fantastic. An invaluable resource for anyone in the malware removal field. Quick and easy and stops you being diverted and infected with the same file you were trying to research.
  • Great tool. Thanks for giving credit where credit is due on the Tuxmaster's Malware search.
  • Probably the best tool I have come across to research Hijackthis logs. Provides quick, instant access to some of the most comprehensive databases around. How was research done before Malware Search?
  • Excellent when searching for a word uyou highlight on a web page. However an important feature is missing: the ability to enter the string you want to search for! One simple exampl: something is going weird in my computer, so I check the process list that is running, and I see an odd entry, so I want to know what this entry is related to. This tool don't allow it, it only let you search what other have written in a Web page (or you'd need to create a file and open it in your browser, which is not usefull at all). Thanks for the effort, but provide the above-mentioned feature and it'll be perfect.
  • Hi,
    I Installed it in my computer, but not able to view in Firefox. How to use this tool.

  • The best Firefox add-on available to those of us who choose to help people in removing malware from their computers.
  • I love this plugin.
    It makes researching a lot easier.
    Everyone that researches HJT logs should have this, it makes life so much easier!

  • It's light, simple and effective. This thing saves me all kinds of time, clicks and keystrokes. Keep up the great work on this tool!
  • Great Tool! A Must have for Virus/Spyware removal specialists.
  • Just keeps getting better! I love this add-on... Keep up the great work, it's awesome!
  • A wonderful add-on, simple to use, effective and I will certainly be reccommending it to others who will benefit from it.
  • This add-on is a real time saver. It is a must have for researching Hijackthis logs.
  • A must-have for any malware research analyst, makes analysing logs from HiJackThis and other tools much less of a chore, Highly recommended.
  • When I first saw this I thought sounds cool.
    I installed it, No problems. I used it once or twice for the first few days.
    Now I used this thing every day!!

    it makes searching easy, fast, effecient.
    when it comes to Add-on's this is a MUST have.
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