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  • I'd recommend this Extension a thousand times over. It's easy to set up, and once it's set up, you can easily find out what you've seen and you could put the animes on-hold, drop it or more.
  • This is too good, no complain whatsoever
  • Oh man why didn't I know about this extension sooner. It makes my anime watching experience so so so much easier.

    Main thing I like about is the skip opening shortcut. Really Cool Man.
    Can I request one feature? Can we get shortcut for next episode. It shows continue watching and next episode on the Mal Sync so I think the shortcut for next episode can be added. It will help very much.

    Thank You

    Highly recommend this extension
    Next episode shortcuts and auto next episode are planned for the near future. But not every streaming page will support it.
  • wonderfull....great addon..must have for anime lover
  • Fantastic Add-on makes all my anime watching EXTREMELY easy and quick to track. My favorite feature is that once you have started watching a show, the next day you can click on the arrows and it will take you to your site of choice on the page of that anime!
  • If you watch anime regularly and use myanimelist dot net, this is a convenient addon to have.
  • been using it for a while now and works perfectly
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