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  • Oh man why didn't I knew about this extension sooner. It makes my anime watching experience so so so much easier.

    Main thing I like about is the skip opening shortcut. Really Cool Man.
    Can I request one feature? Can we get shortcut for next episode. It shows continue watching and next episode on the Mal Sync so I think the shortcut for next episode can be added. It will help very much.

    Thank You

    Highly recommend this extension
  • wonderfull....great addon..must have for anime lover
  • Fantastic Add-on makes all my anime watching EXTREMELY easy and quick to track. My favorite feature is that once you have started watching a show, the next day you can click on the arrows and it will take you to your site of choice on the page of that anime!
  • If you watch anime regularly and use myanimelist dot net, this is a convenient addon to have.
  • been using it for a while now and works perfectly
  • I've been using this for the past two years, it's amazing. Thank you soooo much!
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