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  • How ironic that an add-on developer with nothing better to do than create this extension is calling other people immature.
  • Plain Socialist Marxist.There is no such thing as a Democratic socialist.It just sounds better.We are a Republic,not a DEMOCRACY.You may be able to write script but you sure as hell don't know what you're giving into.So smart to be so stupid.Put down a mouse and go to your local library.You may learn something.Can't believe there was not one American who believes in the RULE OF LAW comment.Hopefullly,I'll be dead and gone before you millenials make America a 3rd nation.
  • This extension really slows down Firefox. I had to uninstall it.
  • I absolutely love that the tweets look like they sound !
  • Very clever add-on. My only issue is that it's hard to read in Night mode. If there was a way to switch to a higher contrast color in night mode that would be awesome.
  • Unfortunately while I love the premise of this add-on, I've found it interferes with too many websites in making things just not work. For instance, with this addon enabled, you can't see the buy buttons for You've Got Crabs.
  • как пользоваться
  • I enjoy it but I wish it was more legible. 'v' and 'r' are almost indistinguishable from each other until a side-by-side comparison. The 'b''s don't quite look right either. If the developer could add alternative font options or fix those 3 letters so I can still read the tweets this add-on would be perfect.
  • It turns Donald Trumps tweets into its rightful state
  • Outstanding!
  • Absolutely fabulous! Please create one (for all of his supporter's comments) that replaces their whiny, crying in the reviews with Charlie Brown's teacher's voice! Wuh wah wuh wah wuh wah!! Bahahahahahaha!
  • Cada vez me convenzo mas de que trump en un niño mal criado.Extencion genial.
  • This is already a great add-on, and it has never been more appropriate then when Trump wrote that nuclear tweet. Best add-on I've ever installed
  • jajaja very funny
  • I love the Trump d*ck-riders on here complaining. Talk about "snowflakes" and "thin-skinned"... They also appear to be the reviewers with a poor comprehension of basic grammar and spelling. Anyway, thanks for the addon!
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