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  • Garbage extension by Garbage dev's that keep creating throwaway accounts to post fake reviews that calls all the Legit reviews "Fake" and also keep blaming "other youtube extensions" as the reasons magic actions doesn't work properly, EVEN if you KNOW that you have no other youtube extension installed. Why do they keep doing this? Because that's the Strukoff brothers whole scheme that they been pulling for years. Just keep looking the the chrome webstore's review section. Heck, just take a screenshot of this review i'm posting and check back in a couple weeks and watch it no longer be there, like "Magic", lol, because the Strukoff brothers will remove it, it's called "Damage Control" on their "Adware" extension, and Mozilla let's it happen.....
  • I love YouTube!! And It is a great place for talented people to be seen and heard by millions of people. It is always funny and entertaining!
    What can I say? Whatever make my life easier I love it! and Magic Actions does it.
    This is the best YouTube modification out there if you want a more enjoyable YouTube experience.
    All the options that I like to program when watching my favorites videos I can preset to take effect immediately after selecting it.
    If you're on YouTube often, this addon can prove to be quite handy. It has a bunch of different cool features, with easy to control settings, allowing you to fully customize what features you do (or don't) want to use.
    So, not only is it useful, easy to use, and work well, it's totally free too!
    All in all, this definitely qualifies as one Extremely Extraordinary Add-on! Well... if you ask me anyway.
    Sometimes my internet is straight garbage when it comes to buffering, and quality going straight to 144p. Magic Actions helped with the buffering and quality...
    Everyone should know about this wonderful extension. I recommend this heavy, and i'm glad Magic Action is around.
    A thousand thanks for creating this terrific addon and sharing it with us!

    P.S. Don't listen to the bad reviews, most of them are FAKE! This addon is AWESOME
  • Every link/option opens in a new window making it really annoying to configure. Where is the Magic Backlight feature? That is why I installed the extension but I could not find the setting or option to enable it anywhere. All the pages that open when you click a help tooltip, a settings icon look off somehow, a bit suspicious, like this is a virus/spyware add-on. And that is not even mentioning the "Privacy Test" option in the settings menu. That is a downright dangerous site, riddled with bad ads, links to viruses and other spyware. I was informed by my detection add-on that the website was attempting to perform a drive by attack on my browser and their scary texts and warnings "oh, we got your IP", "oh your resolution is 1920x1080", "your local IP is 192.168.1.xxx" are trying to scare you into downloading a piece of "safety" software that will supposedly scan your PC and "fix all the privacy problems". Sound familiar? Indeed. I downloaded it and ran it in a VM with special investigative software that I use to analyse malware. There was at least one trojan present in the installer and after installation the "scanner" injected several DLLs into multiple Windows processes doing god know what. I recommend you stay as far away as possible from this extension. And if you do decide to install this extension, what ever you do, don't click the "Privacy Test" button. Cheers :D
  • It's pretty cool except of it showing sometimes a blank page and it's impossible to refresh the video or find out which video that was so u can start it in a new tab.
    Copying the link just opens another blank youtube page.
    This is more than annoying.
    I think the app has to go if that does not change.

    btw: I have no other youtube apps except of Proxtube.
    But no Proxtube means no Magic Actions!
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  • Вобщем ровно 1 мая 2019 расширение отказалось работать напрочь. Пробовал использовать и старую версию, и новую, и на разных браузерах абсолютно чистых - Мозилла 56 (мой основной), Мозилла актуальной версии, Опера, Хром (пробовал на виртуальной машине, так что винда тоже чистая). Хоть сколько б то корректно аддон работает только на Хроме. Вобщем то основная функция нужная мне - Стоп Автоплей и я так подметил что на Ютьюбе принудительно для всех включили автоподгрузку видео. То бишь даже на Хроме который единственный хоть сколько б то корректно работает открываешь страничку с видео - оно стопается, но при этом полоска подгрузки видео всё равно появляется и сама подкачка идёт. Я вот даже не знаю - может это на Ютьюбе такую 'фичу' ввели. Можно ли как-нибудь пофиксить?..
    (Так же подмечу что в Мозилле 56 не работает страничка с настройками расширения - внутреннее окошко с самими настройками просто пустое.)
    Так то подметил что такая проблема не у меня одного - опрашивал людей, у всех так же включена принудительная автоподгрузка. Не знаю почему все молчат. Вобщем помогите пожалуйста.
  • I refuse to watch YouTube without it. Especially music videos. This addon is magnificent. It really improves YouTube all around. Everyone should know about this wonderful extension, Don't listen to the bad reviews... this is AWESOME <3
  • Total garbage. It was working yesterday and now it's not showing up on any videos, like it's been removed. To make matters worse, the options menu won't open when I click on the toolbar icon. It's still there, but dead.
  • After almost 3 years it got finally updated, and now I can't access https://www.youtube.com/feed/subscriptions anymore, but everything that was broken before is working again. 2 setps ahead and one step back. Great work 👌
  • постоянно скидывает (к дефолту) настройки... заебал
  • nice
  • nice
  • it effective and easy to use.