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This addon downloads redirect rules from 4 UNENCRYPTED web sites, including the obscure "if*cksexygirls.com" domain. Not only those websites don't really appear to be secure, since the connection is not encrypted, anyone who can intercept your connection (open wifi, for example) can add for example a rule that makes https://www.mybank.com point to http://somephisingsite.com/phishing.php. At last, they DO track you. I found this comment in the chrome extension source: "// lets gather some internal stats on MF .com" (above the function that shows the support page after 15 redirects).

Edit: I agree with most of the points made in the reply, but users should still keep in mind that there is a risk involved with using this add-on via an untrusted connection.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.7b). 


And the same FUD comes back again, at least think of something new...

As to the reason why we have if*cksexygirls.com in the list:

As for SSL, we don't plan on implementing that in the near future as well because what you described is unlikely ... to the extreme and beyond.

For this to be a security problem: You need to have someone snooping on your constantly, and know you have the Redirector plugin, and know when it is updating it's list and successfully execute a "man in the middle" attack.
How many people do you know that can do that? (If many, you need to get better friends ;p )
And if they could do what you are suggesting they would "get" you with a hundred other ways that are easier.


The redirector does not simply redirect without warning, before a redirect it pops up a splash screen message for a *** couple of seconds *** telling you that it is about to redirect you THEN shows you a bar telling you you have been redirected which you manually have to close. You would have to be dumber than an inanimate object to see the "You are being redirected" splash screen, then manually close the "redirect bar", and then see a totally different website than the one you were expecting... and think nothing is wrong.

Over 100,000 downloads of this (counting the direct downloads from our site, the Chrome version and here) and not a single occurrence of what you are talking about. Just because its possible someone reading this *could* get run over by a prius and then a tricycle immediately (that has a 98 year old small person with 9 fingers riding it) after does not mean they would... in fact what you suggest is as likely as that.

As for tracking, we do not do any tracking... even the Chrome version which you are referring to is an old version.
We hope you try out the newer version, who knows... you might like it and it might inspire you to come up with something original ;)

Thanks for the review :))