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  • Quando funziona è ottima
  • Latest version: February 13, 2012
    Is there a similar addon that is still updated? For Firefox? For Chrome?
  • well done thanks
  • Can't install, because you have Firefox 9.0.1?:

    1. Download XPI-file and rename to mafiaafire_redirector-0.9c-fx.xpi.zip
    2. Open ZIP and find install.rdf
    3. Change line "<em:maxversion>9.0</em:maxversion>:" to "<em:maxversion>9.0.1</em:maxversion>"
    4. Save, rename back, drag & drop back to Firefox window

    Thank you guys for making this cool AddOn and saving our freedom. :-)
    Thanks for the steps as well as the rating!

    Users shouldnt have a problem installing on the latest versions of FF now, we fixed the compatibility issue (we hope!).

  • Thank you for supporting our Freedom of Speech. Please go against the SOPA bill.
    Here's one video people are sharing to prevent SOPA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJIuYgIvKsc
    Yay! Santa!


    Thanks for the review!
  • I am all about a free internet. I am all about freedom of expression, freedom of speech. I totally support this plug-in. Although I have only used it a few times, I have been impressed with it so far. Good job to the developers for the hard work that you have put into it. I am very impressed!
    Thank you for the kind words!
    Yep, they might use the word "piracy" but thats a red herring to go after our rights and freedoms - then slowly erode them away.

    Use the extension in good health and thanks for the review!
  • Great, useful plugin. And a thank you to the DHS for bringing its existence to my awareness :)
    It's good to see the DHS doing something good for once, eh?


    Thanks for the review!
  • This is an excellent add-on and I am very grateful that you guys were kind enough to create something like this. I'm in Canada, and my ISP Teksavvy is blocking Megaupload.com at the moment. I access the site to download save game files for games I bought legally, and nothing more.

    You're all amazing and deserve every donation you get! Thank you for all the hard work!
    Thanks for the kind words, and you are most welcome!
    How ironic that the US government demands that Moziilla removes this addon. However mozilla is resisting. :) I found this addon from an article stating this exact conflict. I thank the developers of this software for their nerve despite the recent happenings. This is an innovative and very interesting idea. Keep it up! Because of you people we still have a chance versus internet censorship.
    Thank you for the kind words and have a wonderful day!
  • It works out great.

    I did come across an interesting (and probably rarely-seen) bug. I'd just moved to a new drive and none of the bookmarks had their icons as I'd not visited the sites yet.

    If you're opening multiple tabs at once and they don't have their icons, MAFIAAFire Redirector prevents the other web sites from loading.
    Thanks for the review!

    > If you're opening multiple tabs at once and they don't have their icons, MAFIAAFire Redirector prevents the other web sites from loading.

    This is pretty unlikely because there is nothing in the code that takes the icons into consideration (have a look, the code source is open and not obfuscated in any way) and right now we have even disabled the fetching of the lists remotely so its faster.

    If you are having this problem, it probably is something else thats causing it... which can range to some obscure settings issue or another plugin.

  • Awesome add-on!!! It is by far my favorite add-on to date!!!
    Thanks for the review... and kind words!
  • Perfect !!! ;-)
    We like large reviews... but when a user sums up our work in just one word, that works great too!

    Thank you!
  • Love the new features in the upgrade from 4!

    This pretty much ticked away any and all concerns that I had and even many that I did not think about.

    I was one of the people who was in two minds if a hard coded list was the way to go or your way, and I am glad I went you way after this upgrade.

    3 thumbs up!!!
  • There is already Firefox five and mafiaafire is already not available for ff5 i hope there will be shortly.
    Support for FF5 is experimental... but try downloading it now and tell us if you run into any problems please.

  • In my last review I made a suggestion that most plugin authors would probably have disregarded as trolling.
    The feature was actually added, and I've now reinstalled this plugin and worship the author as a minor deity.
    While I don't currently go to any sites that are being redirected, it's a great preventative measure and I just might check these sites out now. ;-)
    Thanks for defending our Constitution. 5 out of 5.
    > In my last review I made a suggestion that most plugin authors would probably have disregarded as trolling.
    We read all reviews and pay special attention to suggestions. We never for a second thought of it as trolling but our hands were tied as we had no idea how to do what you wanted... a little googling and... we did our best! Glad you like it! ;)

    We had the initial idea on making the plugin, but we there are points we never thought of so we made this open source as well as started a support forum: www.ilovemafiaafire.net/MAFIAA-forum/ where users such as yourself can help us make this better.

    ...And you are most welcome!
  • The developer of this extension is fighting an incredibly important fight. The war for the Internet is just beginning and we need all the people we can get on our side. It's clever, "unreasonable" stuff like this that gums up the plans of the global corporate weenies. (Incidentally, i use the word "unreasonable" in the sense that George Bernard Shaw meant it)

    Also, the developer seems to be a very funny and intelligent guy (from looking at his web site). I would love to just have a cup of coffee with you and talk about the world.

    And you said something earlier in a response to a review about why the heck Americans keep electing such corrupt politicians. It's because the entire system has been corrupted by the global corporate elite. The American people have lost control of their country. Congress are the lobbying arm and financiers of the Corporatocracy, and the President is now its spokesman. Like it or not, this is on its way to every country on Earth, unless we act to stop it.
    Thank you for the great review and kind words!

    A small correction, we are a couple of people and not a single "developer". It was a joint partnership in making the site as well as the addons.
    Everyone here said that coffee offer sounds good! Alas, it goes against the whole "anonymous developers" thingy :(

    Other than that, use the addon in good health!

    Cheers and hope to see you on our forums!!
  • I'm a little saddened that you've elected to discontinue support for older editions of Firefox. I've resisted upgrading to more recent Firefox releases due to extensive incompatibility issues with some of my favorite add-ons. Still, I applaud you for your work on this extension. It really is a useful app.
    Hi Jalleyo,

    My apologies but it was not our intention to cut anyone out... we really had no choice.

    By making the new version have a list that did not need to update on every start of the browser we needed to store the list somewhere... and the most efficient way of doing this we found was via "localStorage", and local storage is only available on 3.6 and higher.

    The older version is still supported so if you downloaded 0.4b it should work pretty well.

    We are not asking you to change it, but mind telling us why we got dropped a star and how we can avoid it the next time? ;)

  • With the new update this is an excellent addon. Thank you guys so much for all the imporvements you have made! Excellent addon that everyone should use
    Thanks for the review... and the kind words!
  • This is definitely an add-on everyone should have installed. The ICE has continued to illegally seize more and more domains and this add-on is successfully rendering their actions as futile. It has helped me reach many websites which have had their domain illegally seized by ICE. I really want to thank the developers for helping maintain an open and free internet.
    You're welcome! And thank you for the kind words!
  • This is perhaps one of the greatest apps for sweeping past unconstitutional practices by which copyright trolls and government agencies attempt to censor information.

    If anything this brings us closer to the realization of John Gilmour's thoughts on the matter:

    "“The internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it."

    I hope to see this project continue to flourish, and if all goes well I think it would be cool to expand this to other features like redirecting from a DDoS inflicted site to a mirrored version - as I suspect this will become a tool used by various groups to shut down views they don't appreciate.

    In the meantime I will be encouraging others to download it themselves as well as store the code.


    -RJ Miller
    Thanks RJ!

    We came up with the idea and even offer the source code as a free download, so we are also supplying the means - we hope to see some new and wonderful things some of it!

    Check out the new version, I think you will like it!
    (Links are in the dev notes above)
  • I do not use any of the affected sites, but I tested this plugin and found that it works well. I believe in the idea behind it that no group should be able to simply derail a domain.
    You do not use any of the affected sites... yet! What's to stop them from taking over any site they don't like and which can't fight back?
    Google can fight back with it's lawyers, which small company has that kind of time or money to do the same?

    We totally agree with you, no group should have that kind of power to simply derail a domain... especially since they seem to be lending their services to the most morally corrupt people/groups in the world.
  • Отличная работа. Не останавливайтесь.
    Thank you, we do not plan to stop ;)

    (Loosely translated what Vladimirson wrote was: Nice work, don't stop in Russian... for those of you who don't read Russian :) )
  • The addon itself works great. As it is a thorn in the eyes of the content mafiaa, I am glad to have it and hope that I'll never actually need it. (5 stars)

    However the fact that simple xml lists seem to determine which sites get redircted where poses a security weakspot for the addon and should be changed. (-1 star)
    Thanks for the review and your concern is duly noted, we are working on a solution that will be implemented in the next 3 or so updates...

    EDIT: Fixed in the new version! (0.6b)
  • This add-on "as is" (version 0.4b) is dangerous to use
    cause any domain, listed in XML file accepted from
    the MafiaaFire's servers, will be redirected w/o user
    confirmation. Please, add to the add-on code that
    will allow to a user to select explicitly which domains
    from the XML-lists he/she wants to be redirected.
    And only confirmed by user domains should be redirected.
    Thanks for your review, and let me assure you one of our future updates will address your concern/s.Cheers!

    EDIT: As promised, fixed in the new version! (0.6b)
  • Absolutely brilliant!
    This is what being free is about!
    Thank you!
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