MAFIAAFire Redirector 0.8c.1-signed.1-signed

End-User License Agreement

MAFIAAFire Redirector requires that you accept the following End-User License Agreement before installation can proceed:

No guarantees are given nor implied.

We will try to fix any issues that arise in a timely manner but use at your own risk.
This is our first foray into add-on development but I really doubt it will start WW3 or skynet :)

You may not install this addon if you are the MAFIAA or affiliated with them - for example: The RIAA, MPA, ICE and other goons as well as corrupt or just plain stupid politicians who side with the MAFIAA.
If you violate the above, while we may be powerless to come after you, kindly look in the mirror to see a hypocrite, then ask the first person you meet to punch you in the nose as hard as possible.

There are no guarantees given or implied. Use only for lawful purposes.
We are not responsible for you do and you agree to indemnify us entirely for any and everything by using this software.

Please use this add on only for good, not for evil.

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