379 reviews for this add-on
  • 为什么那么好的附加组件,却不能支持46.0!
  • Недоступно для Firefox 40.0, ИСПРАВЬТЕ!
  • You can make the theme for Firefox 33.0
  • As a former Mac OX user, this theme brings back fond memories. A superior theme which gives Fx and its variants a professional fit and finish. Good job, AT!
  • Cool theme. I have always liked the style and look of Firefox 3 on a Mac, and this fits my needs. the only con is i had to downgrade to get it.
  • I can't wait for the update for Firefox 19.02 ...
    Because you're going to update it, isn't? Please, say yes.. (and do it, of course)
  • Make for FF19+ please
  • Below is MacOSX Theme updated and working for FireFox 14+
  • 非常好的主题,但是在4.0下有个问题:
    使用Window2003 蓝色主题时,左右和下边框有大约5像素宽的边框,能去掉吗?
  • Just amazing! I just transformed my windows 7 to a Mac OS X Snow Leopard with MSSTYLE file and this theme looks amazing! Good job!
  • 我喜欢··· www.yanba.org···
  • This is absolutely best MacOS theme for firefox! I've tested lot of others but this is winner :) ( macbuntu linux/firefox 3.6.11 )
  • Perfect, this theme is beautiful :)
  • dude, this THE BEST theme ever! ;D ;3
  • I like a lot this theme too, so I fixed the problem with the RSS icon which had disappeared (the bug is located in the browser.css file).
    Here is my fix:
  • Looks pretty good but it overwrites Personas and AnyColor violently...
  • Rss图标没了
  • Very good theme, however, whereis RSS icon?
  • excellent. great work
  • I think it gets 5 stars!

  • Well done mate!
  • Awesome theme! Works great on 3.6 under Win7, and matches MacOSX themes perfectly!
  • Great job, love it!