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  • Doesn't work on firefox for ubuntu. I don't know if works on firefox for windows.
  • Make for FF19+ please
  • This is the only theme I've used for a long time now, so needless to say, I really like it. The simplicity is the most important thing for me. Anyway, have to agree with Paolo, and would like to add two more changes if I may:

    1. The white shadow that goes with the bookmarks toolbar item text makes it hard to read the text. I currently use the theme without the shadow (had to edit browser.css) and it's much better to look at.

    2. The background of the URL bar when selected is always white. The text itself hanges to blue but not the background as it usually is.The color change is not strong enough and is very tiring for the eye when looking at what is selected and what is not. I tweaked with the css files, but bringing the background change automatically screws up with the edges of the background image of the URLbar. (square background appears around the edges).
  • thanks, works great!
  • Look and feel of this theme is very good. But I found two annoying things:
    * if you zoom (hitting + "+") when zoom reaches high level, browser scroolbars increase in size and this is not pleasant to see
    * with this theme google maps street view becomes unusable starts flickering and full screen looks like freezed (disabling this add-on google maps street view forks flawlessly)
  • Recently started using Apple Mac book. Longed greatly for the "mac" feel when working back on Windows
  • Sleek and smooth...GREAT work!!
  • Clean, bright and smooth. Great job! :))
  • This has been my main and only theme on both Windows 7 and OpenSuse Linux. Nice, clean, readable, fast. Please make sure to make it work with FF4 - I don't want to change my visual habits :)
  • Its nice, clean but modeled after the old osx. I've upgraded to Ace-Foxdie for a more compact and snow leopard look
  • Wonderful theme for Mozilla Firefox if you would ask me.For it's simple overlook and for it's wonderful gray color.
    Great job!
  • Fantastic theme, looks wonderful on my Mac. Nice and clean as others have said, my Firefox fits in beautifully now.

    @ cristian and others questioning Min Max & Close buttons.

    Just a thought. Are you all using this Firefox theme on a Windows Machine? The Min Max & Close buttons are not part of this theme but of your OS. On a Mac they are on the left and standard OS X traffic lights. On Windows they are on the right.
    You will need to mode your Windows theme!
  • Love it! really but one thing...Why is my minimize, restore and close bar still have a Windows XP look? It doesn't really look like mac-ish...I wish it will just look like just as the example given =(
  • awesome theme..:)
  • How do i remove the theme?
  • This is a good theme BUT every time I click the star icon(bookmark) firefox crashes!
  • Win 7 x86. Minimize, maximize and close button doesn't change =( Devoloper, can you fix it ?
  • Win 7 x86. Minimize, maximize and close button doesn't change =( Devoloper, can you fix it ?
  • This theme is elegant and wonderfully done. It works with many add-ons I use, including Web Developer, Firebug, Password Manager, and others.

    Fantastic work! Keep it up!
  • nice and clean mac theme for FF linux user...i love it...rated 5 star
  • Looks great! :)
  • Looks great! :)
  • Finally, a Mac-esque theme that actually works for Linux users. Very nice, and drop down menus look fine to me. Five stars.
  • 在我的 3.62上附加组件 界面 显示不正常!
  • Flawless, except for the menu bar...that I don't ever use! XD