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Does what it says on the tin, adds useful keyboard shortcuts that should exist for windows users.

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Thank you for bringing back "Ctrl + Q" as Exit!!

doesn't work Rated 2 out of 5 stars

you said that it works with 3.1b3pre

but it does not!

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Nice idea, but you could also add

Win+Alt+Right = Go to next tab (same as Ctrl+Tab)
Win+Alt+Left = Go to previous tab (Ctrl+Shift+Tab)


I don't know how to reply to your comment, so I'll write here ...

On my Firefox 3 Windows installation Ctrl+Tab si the same as Ctrl+Pg Down and Ctrl+Shift+Tab is the same as Ctrl+Pg Up. Should be on yours to as it's a shortcut I've been using for a long time.

On the Mac there are the Cmd+Alt+Left and Right shortcuts that switch through tabs. This shortcut is also supported by Textmate.

It's useful when you are in a situation like myself when you have a Mac at home and a Windows PC at work. It's nice to have consistent shortcuts across all the systems you use.

Re: Win+Alt shortcuts

I\'m assuming you really mean:\r\nWin+Alt+Right = Go to next tab (same as Ctrl+Page Dn)\r\nWin+Alt+Left = Go to previous tab (same as Ctrl+Page Up)\r\n\r\nIs that a standard Mac shortcut? Which applications support it?\r\n\r\nWhat\'s wrong with just using Ctrl+Page Dn and Ctrl+Page Up?

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thanks - Ctl Q is so unergonomic

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This is great, I'm trying to make Vista more Mac-like.

I'm searching for this Rated 5 out of 5 stars

and I found it.

Thank you.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.5.1).