156 reviews for this add-on
  • Does the job as described, but makes Thunderbird ask for the master password multiple times. This is annoying and I have this disabled the add-on. If there is a solution, I would love to know.
  • I just noticed. My previous review is for Lookout+ 1.2.15, not this older version.
  • I thought this add-on was outdated, but I just installed it on Thunderbird 52.2.1 (64 bit) and it works. No more manual unpacking of windmail.dat with the tnef command.
  • Finally no Winmail.dat. All attachments are readable now
  • Veramente pessimo, non il Plugin, ma il comportamento di Microsoft OutLook e la testardaggine della gente che lo usa.

    E il Plugin? Funziona quasi sempre, grazie.
  • It saved my day.
  • Отличное дополнение!
  • Just downloaded this and installed it manually on Thunderbird 45.4, and it seems to work fine - even though it only lists compatibility through 12. Thank you very much!
  • I've been stuck for months having to view gmail attachments via their web interface. This add-on solved the problem no muss/no fuss. Thanks!
  • Lookout did the job for me once (with a winmail.dat file), but it's not working anymore.

    Any clues why?
  • A must. Should be part of the standard Thunderbird program, IMHO!
  • I installed this to try to open a mail with a winmail.dat file attached. After restarting thunderbird after installing the add-on, the mail wasn't there anymore. Disabled the add-on, the mail isn't coming back.
  • Works fine with TB 38.3.0 under Windows 10!
    For those who might still have problems with winmail.dat, LookOut is not compatible with the addon "Thunderbird Conversations". The solution is to open the mail in a new tab (right-clic on the email). This way, Thunderbird uses the old template to display the message and winmail.dat is decomposed. Attachments can now be open... Again, thank you Micro$oft for your great work! :-(
  • Sure is a good idea, but didn't work at all for the two attachments I tried it with. TB 31.06 on MacOS 10.10.3
  • Imprescindible!! Debiera ser parte del core.
  • Allows to extract files from Outlook's winmail.dat
  • Without this extension, I see 1 useless file "winmail.dat".

    With this extension, I see attached "winmail.dat", "body_part_0.rtf", plus the 3 attached files I am insterested to open.

    I would like an option to automatically hide unwanted attached files like "winmail.dat", "body_part_0.rtf".

    X-Mailer: Microsoft Office Outlook 12.0 (sender)
    Thunderbird version 31.5.0 (receiver)
  • Simply it doesn't work. After the installation all the attachments still arrive as winmail.dat files. Deleting the mimeTypes.rdf file I don't solve the problem....
  • I've been using it on Thunderbird for OS X and Linux Mint LMDE (debian edition)
    It just works!!! Perfect!
  • Till now it was perfectly working, but recently facing problem seems to be linked Outlook 12 attachment which are not converting from winmail.dat to correct format. any help will be appreciated.
  • Saved my life ;.)
  • Great for reading that odd attachment from Outlook mail. Works seamlessly.
  • Got email forwarded from a Outlook 2010 client and was surprised with winmail attachments instead of documents. I was able to open them with ease using this add-on, thanks!
  • Working for me on 24.6.0 and I'm very thankful for it.
  • I will donate if this gets updated.