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  • This is so disgusting. You luckily find an add-on after a long search and turn out it is no longer supported in the latest version :(

    Is there any other add-on (ideally better) which can do the same job as Aadrvark or Lola.


  • This will work for Firefox 3.6. To install:
    1) save old .xpi at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/downloads/latest/3907/addon-3907-latest.xpi?src=addondetail

    2) change extension to .zip and open it in Winzip.

    3) edit install.rdf and change :3.5.*" to "3.*.*" and resave into Winzip. If notepad is set for your default viewer then just double-clicking the file, making the changes, and saving from notepad will allow Winzip to pick up your change.

    4) save the .zip and rename back to .xpi.

    5) drag the .xpi into an open Firefox webpage.

  • So, have does this compare to extremely similar and powerful features of FireBug extension - as from explanation it seems to me that this is more like a "demo version" of FB would be (if there were such thing) but I have not tried this so far...

    So, are there any with experience of both these plugins? If so, which one is generally better? What are the pros and cons of this plugin compared to FireBug? Whichever is better is there a reason why I might want to have bost installed and ready to use?

    Also a feature reguest: You could make it remember you changes if you wan't - not all, just make a checkbox and if user selects it then the changes made for that particular page will be remebered. Additionally you could select if changes are remebered on only that one page, a whole subset of pages under certain server subdirectory (ie. someones homepage) or even the whole server. That would be cool, although can be also made with plugin (whatsitsname) that allows user scripts run after page has loaded so with javascript skills you could write a script that always does the changes... but that's not for newbies and even use who could do it would prefer simpler way like this.

    P.S. Suggesting this also to FireBug authors. You can mail me about this: robsku$fiveam.org (replace the $-sign with @).

  • This might spur Aardvark to integrate with other xpath hiding applications.. perhaps by adding this feature itself first?

  • This might spur Aardvark to integrate with other xpath hiding applications.. perhaps by adding this feature itself first?

  • I like your webpage, where it tells to [b]upgrade[/b] to FF 1.5 ;-)

  • I love this. I design a lot of web pages and this tool is a great help. I have two suggestions:

    1. When you view something close to the bottom of a page (like the body element), the text element goes off the page and you can't scroll down to see it -- annoying.

    2. The "Lola" icon in the toolbar is too large and inappropriate (as others have suggested). A smaller stylised icon would be preferable. My wife thinks it's my girlfriend's name!

  • A flawless add-on which improves another ones as addblock plus making easy to find offending page blocks. It has glitches sometimes (not displaying frames as it's supposed to do) but it is very useful also for site design.
    Thanks for sharing this add-on if you read this comments Eduardo. I am really grateful.

  • Is it possible to edit,change
    and upload html codes back
    on some web page
    without permission to do that!
    if you understand me!
    is there some around way to upload changed html code???

  • Is it possible to edit,change
    and upload html codes back
    on some web page
    without permission to do that!
    if you understand me!
    is there some around way to upload changed html code???

  • Can't say anything about the add-on, as I haven't tried it myself, but it could do with a better name. It is entirely unrelated to its function and it should be revised.
    I'm guessing it must have something to do with Lola Fernández (mentioned in your site) but I sincerely believe that a more practical, to the point name would draw more users.

    (the rating of 3 stars was because I couldn't post this without rating)

    P.S. updating your site wouldn't do any harm either.

  • I've tested Lola V0.3 with FasterFox V2.0.0 and when both addons are enabled, FF does not reload tabs on startup and hangs. The second time i start FF it loads OK, but the scrollbars in all tabs, including new ones are not visible and web pages extend beyond the right-hand border of the FF window. The pages seem to also start at the centre of the FF window- like they have been shifted right half a screen! FF also runs SLOWW big time.

    By disabling FasterFox, everything works OK. LoLa is the only addon which conflicts with my other addons, as the rest all work harmoniously together, so I'll disable Lola for now.

    I gave it 2x stars because when FasterFox was disabled, I could see the potential it offered web developers.



  • Latest 0.3 version works fine with Firefox 3 when saving as text or complete web page, however save as html does not work, shame as it would make for a quick way of updating local web pages on the fly. Well worth having, keep up the great work Eduardo!

  • I used this every day to find the element I wished to modify... but it doesn't work in Firefox 3.0. I miss it, and hope for an update.

  • Esta extensión es de gran ayuda a la hora de maquetar una página o estudiar como está hecho un diseño preexistente sin tener que mirar su código.

    Espero que su creador pueda sacar una versión compatible con Firefox 3 lo antes posible.

    Gracias por el trabajo realizado.

  • I'm an html newbie and Lola makes learning very easy. I have just started to "steal" elements from the net and adapt them to my needs for my own website. Great idea, thanks!

  • One of the most intresting feature for Web Developing. I used it on developing a form with over 50 fields and I needed to know on-fly the properties of input. I hope this feature will be updated for Firefox 3 soon.

  • I would like to give this a ten !! . Plz make it availble with 3.0 .

  • really ! I would like to use this in the lastest ver. Hope for the future update.

  • Excellent idea and a very useful addon. The only think I don't like is it's (rather ugly) icon. I would prefer something more discreet.

    Except from the "save" button and the resize of the html editor that have already been mentioned, I would also suggest a basic text editor with the most common functionalities (e.g. font color, font weight, insert link, import image url etc).

    Anyway, the addon is very good and so far it works fine for me without any negative side-effects, therefore, I recommend it to everyone.

    I just hope it gets even better on it's future versions, since it has the potential! :-)

  • That's a great tool to avoid the hassle of going back to the html editor just to save it and then going back to FF just to see the result. If the html editor window could be resized it would be perfect! Great tool!

  • i love this.. just add the save button and it'll be absolutely perfect