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  • Not compatible with Firefox Quantum =(

  • Works well, thank you.

    What about to add support for user name and password?

    E.g. file://domain\user:password@host:port/dir/file
    Somwher I have seen semicolon instead of backslash for domain separation. Alternatively to file:// "protocol" smb:// or cifs:// could be used.

    Developer response

    All protocol handling is done by Firefox/Thunderbird directly. The "file protocol" does not use user/password because it accesses files on the filesystem.

    All that "LocalLink" does is: allow "file URLs" (local file access) in documents from "non-file URLs" (remote pages).

  • When you right click the file://url you have the option to view the folder in Firefox. It would also be nice if there was another option, to launch the folder or file using the default OS viewer (for example File Explorer in windows or Launcher in OSX). This has nothing to do with Internet Explorer in windows, I am taking about the file explorer to be easily launched from Firefox.

    Developer response

    If you want to use Internet Explorer as your browser i suggest that you use Internet Explorer as your browser.

  • Even though it's listed as being compatible with Firefox 31, nothing happens when I click on a link to a local file...

    Developer response

    Nothing is supposed to happen.
    Please use the context menu (open local link...).

  • Great Extension, Simple, easy and working, Thank you

  • Very Useful, thanks!

  • this extension would also be interesting for thunderbird. On my installation of thunderbird it does not display file paths as a clickable link...
    links like this: d:\pathtofile\filename.txt should be clickable

  • Very useful! But is it possible to open links to homedir in linux? Started with ~, for example file://~/folder/file.txt

  • I wish I had the option of making local links single-clickable, instead of having to use a context menu to open them. If you could specify trusted domains, and the paths they are allowed to open files within, I doubt that would present much of a security risk.

  • I have need to view files from local disk or our intranet. Before LocalLink, doing so was a pain because of Firefox's security. LocalLink has enabled me to view those files in Firefox easily.

  • Solved a big problem; one you would think would be well documented (I'm rarely leading edge) but apparently isn't. Don't we all now have files on local nets? Many thanks.

  • I read a lot lookin' for something like this.
    Thank you very much