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  • This is a nice, simple, and incredibly helpful add-on that seems to improve performance just by letting me open lots of stuff in the background and have it load only once I'm ready to view it.

    It does have one issue that I've noticed, though. If I close a tab, then undo the close, the result is a tab with the raw "moz-extension" link instead of getting back the original page. I have to manually edit the link to remove "moz-extension://d22fa2fb-aba0-8149-97b5-e26191987d2a/html/tab.html?managedUrl=" from the beginning in order to get the original contents back. If that gets fixed, this will be the perfect add-on.
  • Does not work in firefox 64.4.0
  • Performs it's function. However it's annoying when you reopen a tab you have to manually refresh, reload, or select another tab and go back, for the addon to trigger the tab becoming loaded.
  • stops tabs from loading as intended
    but shows numbers (61662...) instead of the page title and icon on the tab after reload
  • Noticed after I installed this that youtube would reload and then not load the video itself.. Now even removing this it still does that. Now I can't watch any videos. I have also noticed problems similar on other sites when I installed this. Not happy. Now have to reinstall Firefox .
  • Does exactly what it's supposed to do.
  • I have forked this addon and added several fixes and a support for favicon, session restore and ignore protected url.

    And as a bonus it removes google search links prefixing.

    Original hack concept still goes to this addon author
  • Doesn't prevent tabs to load upon startup.
  • Does its job, but its not very user friendly, since it doesnt show the actual Tab Name before loading (it adds just a text before the url, so I guess firefox cant read and preview the tab title anymore) Would be nice to see the Tab Name, else it's useless, since I blindly have to load the tabs, till I find the one I actually need. :P
  • Very nice!
    I would like to offer enhancement for the add-on:
    After opening many tabs, the firsts two will be active at start. after close the first tab, the second will be ready and the tab after it will begins to load in the background.
    So there will be no need to wait for a load after closing the tab
  • Nice. Have 10 tabs opened in background. CPU is hovering between 2% and 5% with this add-on enabled. Without this add-on Firefox Quantum causes CPU to max out at 100% CPU and screens bog with white windows and no content loaded. Thanks for fixing my frustration!
  • Sometimes when i click on a tab in the background it still doesnt load ("Tab unloaded by LoadTabOnSelect."), only when i click on another tab and then back to it it loads finally.
    Sry 4 bad english
  • Great.
    Would bu nice to have an icon (favicon) on unloaded tab.
  • Had bad experience by now. In addition to issues of another users I had problems with opening sites from yandex.ru search results, when I try open one in new tab, it automatically redirects to main yandex.ru page. Gave 3 to support author on further development.
  • Tab unloaded by LoadTabOnSelect - i also have this, unusable at this time
  • its ok :)
    small and fast :)
    and the drop down window to delete or load one or all is more than i wanted :)

    but it would be even more useful to click on the page to revive it :)
    so one could see which page it is.
    therefore the name and url of the deloaded page must be visible.

    thx :)
  • If you unload a closed tab you receive a tab with a simple "text Tab unloaded by LoadTabOnSelect." but the tab is impossible to recover. Please fix this behavior.
  • Gives every tab an ID name instead. This makes handling unloaded tabs impossible since all tabs have the same ID name...
  • Still all tabs are loaded on startup, only works on tabs opened afterwards
  • The pinned tab still loading automatically. Poor experience
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