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  • This addon is not working with the latest Nightly builds.
  • This add-on works fie, but I hope this extension will be compatible with multi-process(e10s)
  • It works as expected, except for navigating out from loading tab then re-entry. So far this is nice. Been using this since 2013.

    Don't know why this is marks as experimental. Perhaps mark it as e10s compatible?
  • It works, but if you find the green color is too bright, you can use Progre instead. You can change the color by yourself.

  • This was I lookgin for, but the color is too bright, please change this our add a option to change color.
  • Good One!
  • Please add option to change color. Right now - the green is too bright for my taste.
  • Love the shade of green chosen. Doesn't make it difficult to read the URL.
  • This works really well, and I love that but is adding more colour options a possibility? You mentioned the future. How far away is that?
  • I don't know what does modern apps have against simple progress bars these days. As if they expect everybody's internet to be superfast all the time and no one would notice any difference loading the pages up!

    Fantastic and simple Add-on for Firefox. Works like a charm and now I can know exactly how much data a page has downloaded before displaying entirely.

    Should be integrated with Firefox in my opinion.
  • Turned out beautifully ... With an animation it would be perfect.
  • Does what it says. Needs a color option, but otherwise it's perfect.
  • I second the idea to make it a core feature.
  • Excellent. This should be a core feature.
  • its the simplest of all and light
    just provide color code editor
  • not't run Linux !
  • I like the visual activity this creates.

    I would like to see the bar transition even when it loads faster in reality. Give more of a barber pole effects
  • For a better styling try >> http://userstyles.org/styles/46632/loading-bar-addon-fix-url-bar-background
  • Option to change color! because that green is covering the URL :(
  • Not working on Firefox 9.
  • Hi, few days ago found this addon, but is not working for me in firefox 9.
  • Great. Does exactly what it promises! And does it well. Feature request: Option to change the color :-)
  • it will be nice if you can opt a better light colour, great work
  • thanks
    simple and usefull
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