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  • Doesn't seem to work with reddit rss style
  • Thanks
  • Firefox for android only.
    I will change this review if this addon starts to work on mobile. One star for visibility and for not working on mobile.

    1. The black rss icon shows up to the address bar but nothing happens when pressed.
    2. Addon is not listed in the hamburger menu.
    3. Addon's option's page's buttons do nothing on mobile when pressed.
    4. Not usable in current state.

    If not possible to make this addon work on mobile then add a disclaimer to addon's description or something.
  • Five stars if has a neutral color icon in the address bar for dark/light theme like the orange. Thank you!
  • Works well on my Macbooks, many thanks to authors
  • The most Firefox like replacement for RSS feeds that I have found. Only two dings, and both are rather minor:

    (1) Converting using an export was a pain, as the previous bookmark folder structure was lost on the import and it took an hour-plus to move around my 80+ feeds and get them back to where they were originally..

    (2) I wish there was a way to disable the icon and only have the article title displayed -- it is a waste of screen real estate (this is my biggest gripe!).

    Otherwise, as I said, the best replacement for letting it continue to appear as if FF is managing your feeds.

    Also, it works well with latest release of Cliqz.
  • This has to be the most broken add-on I've ever tried. Most of the buttons do "nothing", e.g. trying to import an OPML file, add a live bookmark etc all just do ... nothing.
  • [EN]After Mozilla removed the RSS support from firefox, I was lost. This extension "Livemarks" works even better and you can even import your old RSS back
    [IT]Dopo che Mozilla ha rimosso il support RSS non sapevo come fare. Con quest'estensione sono riuscito a ricaricare tutti i segnalibri live che avevano smesso di funzionare. E' anche meglio di prima!
  • This is good ole Firefox Livemarks reborn! Perfect! Thank you!
  • Great firefox add-on!
  • Work with YouTube:
    il affiche bien les vidéos déjà lus
    it show already played videos
  • Remplace parfaitement la fonction disparue de Firefox
  • Die integrierte Unterstützung für Feed Reader und Dynamische Lesezeichen wurde beginnend mit Version 64 aus Firefox entfernt. Das war zunächst eine Katastrophe. Aber mit Livemarks klappt das wieder reibungslos. Insbesondere die Mouse over - Vorschau. Wer kann/will denn schon immer auf eine Seite wechseln, wenn er viele Portale verfolgen will.