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Thanks, it works as described!

Simple, sweet, does the job! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I just reinstalled Win XP on a new solid state drive, and since it was a clean install, all my customizations disappeared. I rediscovered Live Mailer by looking at my Firefox add-ons on another computer...and I'm delighted to have Outlook.com back in place as my default mailto. Thanks, Sebastian!

A question...checking my Firefox Sync preferences, I see it's set up to sync add-ons. Any idea why it didn't sync Live Mailer?

Thank you, I am glad the extension is useful! Sorry, I don't know any details about Firefox Sync...

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This add on is EXACTLY what I was looking for! When I click on links to respond to (for instance Craigslist), it takes me directly to Outlook! Love it!!!!!

Beautiful! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Thank you! My mailto links have stopped working entirely when I click on them. I hate having to copy and paste information into livemail program because mailto doesn't work. I've tried everything the net has suggested, and thankfully this brings some ease of use back! Thank you!

Thank you

I really appreciate your feedback! I had problems with the mozilla reviewer because he suggested all the solutions that don't work and said I should change the way Live Mailer works. So finally I am very happy that the extensions is useful for you as well because I had the same problem :)

Thank You! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I was tired of seeing Yahoo and Gmail as the only available options when clicking on a mailto link. Also, with the new Outlook.com, I no longer have the need/desire for a local email client.

Live Mailer worked perfectly for me. I clicked on a mailto link and it took me straight into an Outlook.com new email page with the recipient in the To: box (as expected). Thanks sebastian!

I predict this add-on will become quite popular if people can discover it!

You're welcome

Thank you for your review! I use the extension myself as I found no other way to do it. Glad you have a solution as well by using live mailer! Be blessed