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  • Dear developer,
    there is a fork of Firefox 56 called Waterfox whose goal is to provide an ESR-like version of FF56 but they also plan to port features from FF57 and beyond while still maintaining old addon compatibility. However, your addon currently does not work with this browser. This would be a great opportunity to keep your addon alive and actually used by people who are fleeing from the wildfire Mozilla has initiated.
  • Bardzo, bardzo żałuję, że dodatek LiveClick nie będzie już aktualizowany. Jest to absolutny hit wśród dodatków. Korzystałam z niego bardzo intensywnie. Gratuluję pomysłu i realizacji. Wielka szkoda, że stracił Pan już ochotę na rozwijanie tego dodatku. Gdyby jednak zmienił Pan zdanie i dostosował LiveClick do 57+ miałby Pan wdzięczność wielu internautów, w tym moją. Dla LiveClick i Session Manager (też już nieaktualnego) warto było korzystać z FF. Teraz pozostał już tylko żal za tym, co było.
    Pozdrawiam i dziękuję za dotychczasową radość z Pana pracy.
    I very much regret that the LiveClick plugin will no longer be updated. This is an absolute hit among the extras. I used it very intensely. I congratulate the idea and realization. It is a pity that you have lost the desire to develop this supplement. If you changed your mind and adjusted LiveClick to 57+ you would have the gratitude of many internet users, including mine. For LiveClick and Session Manager (also outdated) it was worth to use FF. Now he only regretted what was there.
    I greet and thank you for the joy of your work so far.
  • For everyone missing LiveClick, I found an addon called Feedbro which can sorta replicate its functionality, it refreshes your feeds as often as you want and shows a notification for anything new then adds it to a drop-down list that's one button away, that way you can go through your unread stuff just as easily as you could with LiveClick before.
  • To me, liveClick is essiential for firefox. please update if it's possible
  • It works in Waterfox
  • Okay ... I'll stay on version 55.0 of Firefox forever unless you update LiveClick!
  • Liveclick is among my must-have addons and the only one I ever donated to. Without it Firefox is simply not worth using. However, I do not blame the dev for bailing out. Mozilla has demonstrated clearly that it doesn't *deserve* people like Protejohnny. The same company that fired its CEO over a private political donation has now donated $100K to a company whose mission is to support extreme domestic terror groups like Antifa. Mozilla, along with Firefox, will soon be irrelevant and have nobody but its radical leadership to blame. Protejohnny, if it were at all possible to port Liveclick to Chrome it would be the single greatest advance that browser has received from the community. I know there's an addon that emulates the FF Live Bookmark behavior but that's nowhere near what Liveclick offers. Thank you for everything and I hope you stay in the game :)
  • The title might be hyperbole, but not by much. This add-on made content flow through my browser like a warm breeze through my hair in a convertible BMW. Without it, the internet is a beat up 72 Chrysler with vague steering. Come back!
  • Firefox is no good without LiveClick.
    Please update soon.
  • LiveClick is absolutely essential and I exhort you to change your mind and develop it to be compatible with the current and future Firefox releases. Firefox is no good without LiveClick. No good at all.
  • This add on was the best, simplest way for me to keep track of the hundreds of comic RSS feeds I follow. I truly hope that the DEV will take something from all of the comments regarding how much this add on was liked and needed and make a version that will be compatible with FF's recent developmental browsing system. Thank you for making such a great add on for rss feeds.
  • LiveClick is still working in FirefoxESR (for now 52.4). If this will end, hopping not, I will always look for a browser with LiveClick-like functionality.
  • oh no!, another dev abandoned their add-on ;(
  • This Add-on is amazing and Im depending on it! Loved your work!
    In fact, this add-on was the only reason Im using Firefox. Can anyone recommend another browser with LiceClick-like functionality?
  • I've come to depend on this addon so much. I am sad to read it will not be continued.

    Anyone know of any replacements? All I want is the folders on my toolbar to be marked when a Live Bookmark is unread.
  • Please update soon!
  • need update asap
    LiveClick doesn't work with Firefox 56.0
    Please update this addon
  • need update asap
  • The addon no longer works in Firefox 56.0. The list of feeds contains more than maximum items and lacks "Mark all read" and other menu items.
  • I hope you will find the time to make it compatible with FF 57+ !?
  • Adds some essential functionality to live bookmarks. Works very well.
  • I am currently looking for alternatives, sadly. It's been many days that Firefox updated and the LiveClick extension stopped working properly... You can't click the pop-ups, you can't open all unread items in tabs, etc. I hope it gets fixed, I can't find anything better.
  • First of all, I'd like to say that this is my all-time favorite RSS addon. It does exactly what I need it to do with minimal fuss after setting it up the first time.

    However, it seems to have stopped working properly as of Firefox 51.0.1 - I am no longer able to use "Open all unread items in tabs" from the right-click menu, and the color of the base folder seems to have stopped changing even if all items are read
  • The following issue has not been resolved with 51.0.1.

    I'm using FF 51.0 (British English, 64-bit) on Windows 10 Enterprise. After an upgrade from 50.2 a new page does not appear when I click a bubble notice at the right-bottom corner. Other functions are fine.
  • While after every start of Firefox in the morning, LiveClick does not work at first, a simple restart of Firefox completely fixes LiveClick functionality.