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  • There are problems on windows xp, can not be displayed maximize, minimize, close buttons

  • good themes ,i like it

  • Really neat Theme. Especially on Add-ons tab (+Cleaneast Addon Manager), it looks beautiful. The last maybe placebo effect; I got a funny feeling that my Firefox GUI as a whole is more responsive. Is the default Firefox theme heavier somehow?

  • This is a great theme, just what i needed, reliable, bug free, great.

  • the best compact theme i could find so far

  • great, parsimony, candy to eyes, thanks a lot.

  • Great, but 2.0.12 conflicts with Status-4-Evar:
    unwantedly status bar icons nov are moved to the left side :-( and the usability is restricted

  • 8 years running. With Colorful Tabs it's a stealth-mode, special-ops, no-nonsense mission-capable beauty. None better.

  • I love the bookmark folder & rss feed icon, very eye catching than the one from default theme :)
    Works best with "Hide Caption Titlebar Plus" extension to maximize screen usage. Find one issue with this pair : the minimize, restore & close button does not appear on full window (Littlefox 1.8.76)

  • LittleFox minimize the user interface to provide more screenspace for the actual content. providing a clear hover state and active state. True compact theme, though i dont like the icons colors, dont matters me.

  • Hey i just not found your email and i wanna ask if there is difference between littlefox and microfox, i just though maybe it's the same theme with different icon ; plz tell me that am i right? or which theme is more smaller . thank you for your work!

    simon mail onsr#163.com

  • When updating to FF 3.6, the title bar shows a blue box outline when highlighted, which can get annoying, since it makes the URLs more difficult to read/write. Is this intended or simply a bug?

    Thanks for the great theme, which I've been using for years.

    Keep up the good work!


  • Ahem. Even more embarrassing: I forgot to turn off a NoScript setting that was preventing the secure mozilla download site from being accessed. :redface:

  • works on FX4.0b9pre / linux 64bit... mostly:in the Addon-manager (about:addons) the right column, where the interesting data is, is too wide, making the window wider doesn't help me, beyond 1650px works. Zooming with [Ctrl]+[-] also gives me back the right edge, but then it's to small to read. Nether the less, I'll give you five of five for years of hassle-free browsing even on small screens. Thanks.

  • I have been using this for long time already and it deserves compliments.

    My two interests is maximizing screen space (for what is relevant) and making minimizing need of mouse (though I use mouse gestures too, the point is not having to move your hand needlessly between keyboard and mouse) - for all applications, ie. I can control my ion3 window manager fully with keyboard and this theme, like ion, maximizes screen use for what is relevant. Why waste space for tool bars, etc.instead of using as large part as possible of window for content!?

  • using 4.0 beta 7, tiny is nice, but: how and where is my 'close&forget'?
    and also foxclock...
    keep up the flow, its getting great!

    Developer response

    It seems that 'Close & Forget' doesn't support FF4 (yet)

  • Started using Version 1.8.66 and the issue with the automatic sidebar in version seems to have been solved. Thank You.

  • I've used Littlefox for several years, but am also having incompatibility problems with all-in-one sidebar after installing the newest version. I also have had to downgrade to 1.8.62, so the add-on and theme can play nice.

  • Great theme, I use it for months.

    If you need space for browsing, you ll never have to search for another theme after trying this one.
    5 stars !

  • (Some serious bugs in the latest update, downloaded on the 22nd of September 2010.Screen shot: http://bit.ly/9NdTHI) - - EDIT: Ok forget that, just looked at 'all versions' version 1.8.65.*2* fixed this problem, all is fine with the world again.
    Best theme on the net.

  • Let’s just hope the AMO review process pushes the latest version to public real soon. I installed it and it fixed the issue I described below. Back to 5 stars, best theme there is!

  • *Very* pleased the developer's continuing support into Fx4. :-)

    The clarity and feedback that the consistent UI always provides has spoiled me for other themes and other browsers.
    Something that most themes drop the ball with, is the mastery of tab/toolbar feedback. The hover here is a delight!
    So, while reducing the real estate in favour of content on smaller screens is obviously one good reason to install LittleFox, I recommend LittleFox to everyone, including those with the largest of desktop displays as being superior design in the best sense of design; it makes Fx easier to use whatever size screen it runs on.

  • Works as advertised, cuts down on superfluous eye candy and shows you the web pages you're interested in.

  • Best theme ever!!!
    I only use this theme on all my Foxe´s.
    I hope it is also compatible with FF 4.
    because i dont like the new FF-style.
    I like it small, clear, and without transparenz.
    Thanks Mr.Kayser
    ""good luck and god bless""

    Developer response

    Thanks for the nice comments! I made my day (IMMD).
    I am updating the theme for FF4, and it is already compatible with the FF4 beta prerelease (nightly).