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  • Please hurry up and get this updated for the latest Firefox.
  • My default theme for over 10 years now, it'll be sad to see support for it end. Compact and unobtrusive, yet loads of room for all my bookmarks and buttons. Would've loved to have seen a DARK version. To that end, I've been trying my hand at css coding myself lately and have been tinkering with the userChrome.css file, but the results are not pretty. If anyone could provide me with a head start regarding the various toolbars and the scrollbar, i.e. just the basic interface, that'd be great x
  • It is (was) an excellent addon because the skin had made the look much better than dumb standard ones.
    Until mid of this Aug it had 5* for me but with the recent updates of FF (56, 56.01) 64bit this addon fights with serious challenges: prevents the tabloid appearance. I checked it in several (5) different computers. :((. No update from the middle of Aug so I can suppose that the author is working hard to be compatible with 57+. It"s OK but now I need to disable it ... at least until this issue is solved.
    From Firefox 56/57 onwards, full themes are no longer supported by Firefox. So, I have stopped active support/development of my themes.
  • I have been using this theme for years and absolutely love it. Small enough to make use of more of my screen but big enough to still see everything I need in the bar.
  • LittleFox 3.10.1 on Windows XP + FireFox 52 Portable
    Perfect look and usability !
    Must have add-on...
    Many thanks to developer.
    (Keep in mind you can adjust your screen display to web pages by tweaking "layout.css.devPixelsPerPx" in "about:config" : it's amazing !)
  • 1. This is an excellent add-on. I've used it for a long time after Pinball. But latest versions have issues with other extensions such as DownThemAll, FireFTP, and Firebug. I think that other plugins are affected too. It must be fixed.

    2. I can't reply to developer reply (from 2017-05-15) about another extension so I change the original review. No, probably it is not caused by another extension. You can see the DownThemAll Manager with other extensions disabled on this screenshot:
    This is probably caused by another extension doing something with the statusbar.
  • Up until the latest version i've not had any any problems with Littlefox, in fact i've been really pleased with it, however I'm now getting the problem described by another user here:


    this theme shows a very big unmovable blank space in the status bar region

    I resolved this by rolling back to 3.9 which is running perfectly on Waterfox 51.0.1 (64 bit), get this sorted and i'll give it 5*
  • This theme *ought* to rank as #40 of all 419,250 FF themes (as of the time of this writing;) however, Mozilla does not list Littlefox among its themes. I just searched: there's even another theme out there called "littlefox" (small "L") with all of 1 user, but Mozilla reveals no "Littlefox" (big "L") theme.

    So somehow, with no help from Mozilla, 10,708 people have found this theme. Imagine how much more popular this theme might be if Mozilla didn't hide it!

    Otherwise, I install this everywhere (which has been Windows & MacOS.)
    As I write this, I realize I really do need to send AK some $5 of appreciation. I'll do that now....

    Note concerning "zero issues:" I can't recall having any. Maybe there was one once, many years ago....
  • Great add-on. Recent release conflicts with status-4-ever...now the status bar is in the middle of the page and you can't see anything but that on the page until you hide status bar...had to revert back to 3.9...
  • i have been using this theme for years,
    3 glitches on 3.10.1 with these 2 addon

    this theme shows a very big unmovable blank space in the status bar region

    when i switch to stock theme the problem is fixed

    the second issue , is when i choose customize , icant drag any of the icons , they just snap back to their original place , also when i switch to stock the problem is fixed

    the close button in web notification , doesnt close them , i just have to wait for them to be closed by timeout , also this problem is fixed when i go back to stock

    I am using firefox on Linux and Gtk3
  • very good
  • I love Littlefox. please repair for version NIGHTLY 50
    Michel Ibarreche
  • I love Littlefox, especially the thin menu items on dropdown menus.
    This latest version ( has just one glitch: on Firefox 38.0 it always shows the "Reader View" icon in the address bar, even if the "Reader View" has been disabled in config ("reader.parse-on-load.enabled" = false)
    This issue will be fixed in next version.
    Note, the Reader View/Reading list stuff is being heavily changed by the Mozilla Firefox team.
  • Well, that's support for ya: the fix is allready made, just has to be reviewed by Mozilla and then it's all okay again.
    See https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/littlefox-for-firefox/versions/ now for the fix, version (can be used but is still under review)
  • try microfox its allmost like littlefox and ClassicCompact
  • Tabs are huge and unworkable. Reverted to 2.0.30 again. Please fix.
  • I love this. It is perfect for my laptop. Icons appear correctly, as the represented program. I also like Walnut and switch back and forth.
  • I had been using Classic Compact for a number of years until it wasn't supported on FF 29+. I switched over to this addon and am extremely happy that I did. Thanks to the developers and hope that it gets updated as FF gets updated to keep it compatible.
  • Sweet theme, but it seems to be incompatible with "visited" (color table does'nt work) and "progre" (just dead). Please fix it.
  • My favorite besides Nuvola and MX3. Under Windows, Littlefox is perfect, but under Linux (Mint with Mate desktop) the icons cannot be freely rearrenged. They stick to the default locations.
  • good
  • I would give it four stars if I could change the URL field not to have the buttons INSIDE IT!!! God, how awful!!! You cannot remove the bookmark and download buttons (two I would NEVER EVER have any use for) to REALLY minimalise this thing. Also, I can't really distinguish the tiny difference between each button, so I often click the bookmarks expecting it to be "Home" that I have positioned to the right of URL field.

    After that, if it had truly minimal style buttons, I would give it five stars. The buttons are far too complex and colored. I have to look for a couple of seconds at a button to know what it represents. Make a version of this with simple grey buttons and a URL field that has no permanent buttons, and you got yourself a good theme.

    BTW, if anyone knows of a theme that is this "short" (minimal real estate) and has useable buttons, please reply.
  • I just recently updated from Iceweacel 20 to Firefox 30, and gosh! Firefox just ATE the space from top of the browser window.

    This little piece however fixed that, as it squeezes those buttons and bars down to nearly nothing. Space save is 1/3 in minimum! (For a note, I keep menu visible all the time, as I *need* stuff from there, often.)

    I'd love to give five stars for this (would give 4 and half currently if it was possible), but there's few things that poke me in the eye.
    -Simplistic doesn't need to mean ugly. Well, LittleFox is not *ugly*, but it reminds me too much of Win98 era, which I'd love to forget.
    -RSS-feed (in bookmark-bar) has same icon for both visited and non-visited pages. This is bad, and the biggest one of the reasons why I dropped a star. Such a small detail may matter a lot.

    Anyone having problems with visual conceptualization (correct term?) should keep clear distance, but anyone else who hates it how Firefox's UI is bloated, I warmly recommend this addon.
    Thanks for the report.
    The next version will have this issue fixed.
  • Just upgraded to FF 29. The new bars are a criminal waste of space! I don't know why the tab bar has to be so high. Anyway, looked around for a solution and found this theme. Best ever! Kudos!
  • Littlefox is amazing! thx for v 2.0.25 now all is fine. GG!