Liquid Words Is Solid Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Liquid Words is indispensable -- it transforms the web from a passive source of information (I search and find) to one that's dynamic (it talks back to me). I don't think I could get along without it. I'm a writer and I depend on being able to access information that's accurate, readily available and fast. Liquid Words searches (with one or as many search engines I want). I can even add search engines -- easily -- on any site that I come across. You simply select copy and let Liquid Words do the rest. It includes reference look up, translation, conversions, shopping, maps... just as there's no way to describe the Grand Canyon properly (you have to see it to really understand), there's not way to describe Liquid Words -- you have to experience it to really understand what it can do for you. It's a must-have tool for me. Among the various things that I write is an engineering magazine; I have access to a lot of computer minds and I often mention Liquid Words to them -- they're always impressed with its technology. My writer-friends think I'm overselling -- until they try it. Then they believe. I'm raving, now... So, use it for awhile... explore its functions... read the user guide... Liquid Words is very cool.

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