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  • Basically an essential addon... unfortunately, development stopped.

    It still worked - not as flawlessly as before but it was still usable.

    That's it, until Firefox 53.0b1 arrived - for some reason it doesn't allow you to go to other opened tabs.

    Sadly, it had to be uninstalled.

    Hopefully one day the developer decides either to continue with it or open source the code... or if miracles can happen, Mozilla decides to bake the functionality of LiquidWords into the browser...
  • I've recently noticed that when highlighting a word in Gmail that I'm trying to insert a link into, the icon gets in the way and interferes with the process.

    Is there a way to turn it off for specific applications..like Gmail?

  • great addon, full of powerful options, works perfect with Palemoon 24.7.2.
    unfortunetly affects FasterFox, so you have to decide which one you use
  • I have Firefox 29.01 in Linux and Windows 8 and it works just fine. I only have trouble in Windows 7
  • I have used, and enjoyed, this add-on since day one. However, when trying to find some help with a feature, I discovered the website appears to be hacked, and got domain not found errors when trying to email their support.

    Oh, well.
    I'm sorry about this, I wonder why emails don't work, I'll have a look Are you a Mac user? If so, can you have a look at www.liquid.info ?
  • First question, how come nobody ever forks extensions to do minor updates when new revs break the tool?Would the author be OK with it if someone actually volunteered to update it?I'm gonna give it two stars, even if the search bar part of this tool behaves very badly with the current Firefox Revs, I still use it because I've only found two similar tools, and neither of them supports keyboard shortcuts.

    Edit in re to below: If I knew anything about code, I would, this tool is my second fave extension after adblock, and nope, will never be rich enough to own a mac.
    Hi, yes it would be great if someone wants to help. Are you a Mac user BTW? Have a look at www.liquid.info if you are.
  • Liquid Words is indispensable -- it transforms the web from a passive source of information (I search and find) to one that's dynamic (it talks back to me). I don't think I could get along without it. I'm a writer and I depend on being able to access information that's accurate, readily available and fast. Liquid Words searches (with one or as many search engines I want). I can even add search engines -- easily -- on any site that I come across. You simply select copy and let Liquid Words do the rest. It includes reference look up, translation, conversions, shopping, maps... just as there's no way to describe the Grand Canyon properly (you have to see it to really understand), there's not way to describe Liquid Words -- you have to experience it to really understand what it can do for you. It's a must-have tool for me. Among the various things that I write is an engineering magazine; I have access to a lot of computer minds and I often mention Liquid Words to them -- they're always impressed with its technology. My writer-friends think I'm overselling -- until they try it. Then they believe. I'm raving, now... So, use it for awhile... explore its functions... read the user guide... Liquid Words is very cool.
  • This was my favorite FF add-on but it has seemed like a slow train wreck ever since this plug was re-branded as Liquid Words.

    Regretfully, I had to disable it today because after an hour of troubleshooting I discovered that it was the culprit that was causing my FF menubar to freeze and stop working. (FF17.01 OSX).

    I don't know how you plugin developers make any money but I would gladly pay for this plugin if I thought that it would make a difference.

    I just discovered that you have a Liquid Words app for sale at the Apple App Store. I'll give that a shot. Thanks.
  • Excellent add-on! Provides access to a multitude of information at the click of a mouse and highly customizable. Saves lots of time. Love it!
  • It was better when it was hyperwords. When you went to translate somthing, it automatically knew what language it was and automatically knew you would like to translate it to the browsers default language & had it ready to click to do it. As well as replaced it with the translation onto the page.

    This, you have to basically guess what language it is and have the translation pop up in a little window.

    It used to do that automatic/put directly on to the page thing for about all of the things it's got.

    This add-on has really gone downhill since it became liquid words.
    Hi, It was Google who provided this service and they stopped making it a free service so we can't use it. Sorry about that. We have done nothing but bug fixes since it changed names but Mozilla has been quite stringent about their requirements so I simply cannot afford the level of update we used to have. I am very sorry about this.
  • This fantastic extension does exactly what its name says - Liquid Words. I can highlight anything and instantly search, research, copy, translate, share, convert, or shop. Wonderful!
    Thanks for your review!
  • Could you guys please fix this thing so it doesn't randomly pop up menus in the top left hand corner of my screen and never go away until I click something in the menu? It does this on EVERY SINGLE computer I use with this add-on installed, regardless of what version of Firefox I am using.
  • Seems like a great add-on but sadly it does work well in combination with NoScript because it runs in content as opposed to chrome level. To run scripts controlled in chrome one should use Components.utils.Sandbox.

    Oh and uninstalling it opens a uninstall page for _every_ window.
  • This is my second review of this add-on. First time I reviewed it, I gave it a low score, because, as a long time user, I was frustrated with bugs that creep up each time a new version is released. The developers have contacted me and I assumed they would revise their release policy and actually test and polish before updating, instead of making fancy menus that only serve as distraction.
    Sadly this was not the case, because as of yesterday, everything I set up (and it was truly a struggle with the interface) was reset and defaults replaced my settings and configuration.
    I use Chrome alongside Firefox and it amazes me how "COntext Menu Search" is so elegant and never f**ks my settings after update.
    I will now go look for alternatives to Liquid Words and award this piece of s**t add-on a well deserved 1 star. My only regret is that there is no lower mark to give.
    Thank you for reading!
    Hi Bonzi. I am sorry you are feeling we are letting you down.

    Please understand that we are not adding any features at the moment, only fixing bugs which have appeared since Mozilla started tightening their requirements.

    I understand that your main issue is with custom searches - this is something we have worked on for version 9.9, just released. Please try this version and contact us if you have any further issues.

    Firefox is a complex environment to code for, with three platforms to support (Windows, Mac and Linux) and a whole host of rapidly increasing versions (how many this year alone?). We work hard to improve the reliability of Liquid Words but we need your specific information (what OS do you use, what version of Firefox, what other add-ons do you have and are there any specific sites you have issues with) to help you.

    You can email us at contact@liquidwords.info if you like and we'll work to fix the issues.

    Frode Hegland
    Liquid Words
  • Excellent addon, very useful in my work - that is :
    collecting a lot of infos, in french, english, spanish, and so on .
    I could'nt do without it !
  • I love this addon. It's one of the most useful addons ever. Whatever web page you're on, if you want to do any kind of research concerning items on the page, with this addon you can do so without leaving the page or opening another tab. So if you want to check a word definition, or a concept, or a book or just about anything at all, highlight it and choose from a variety of sources and you've got the information on your screen in a dialog box. Once you're done, close the box and continue with whatever you were doing. There's just one thing I don't like. They've added a new feature, a popup box asking for feedback. If you cancel the popup it will continue to pop up at frequent intervals until you give feedback.
    Hi and thanks for your review. Sorry about the feedback pop-up, that was a bug and it's been fixed. Please update :-)
  • Every Mozilla Firefox user should try this add-on. It not only enhances & fine-tunes your searches but also provides a host of other utilities as you navigate the web. Once you've tried it, I doubt that you will find occasion to disable or uninstall it.
  • The best ap ever tryed
  • In the first time I use this addon, I think it's useful, but I wish it supports translating into Vietnamese language
  • Simple to use, and not cluttered. It takes the place of 3 or 4 of its competitors... combined!

    Michael Chaplan
  • Great product, been using it for years.
    I use it so much it has become a part of the way I use the net
  • As someone who has used the Web since before it had graphics on it, I think that Hyperwords is perhaps the most useful browser addon I've used. It makes selecting text and right-clicking it do infinitely more than "copy" it. With a click you can copy it as plain text as you normally would by clicking "copy", or copy the link the text points to (if it's a link), or search for the text in your choice of search engines, or translate it, or look it up in references....and other stuff I must be forgetting.

    Of course which of those items and in what order they appear on the right-click menu is configurable, and you can add new search engines and other resources for it to use so long as they adhere to any sort of standard web search interface, which is just about anything.

    I've installed Hyperwords/Liquid Information on many friends, relatives and co-workers computers since it's first pre-public release, and they've almost universally been amazed at how much more useful and easy to use it makes the Web.

    In my mind a truly revolutionary addon to web browsers as we have known them since Mosaic. A Must Have!
  • With Liquid Information I was able to consolidate over half a dozen tools I frequently use and delete several old Extensions. This significantly decreased my load and performance times. This Extension has everything! it is also highly customizable and in milliseconds I have access to reference, search, copy tools, shopping, translation...the list goes on and on. Not one aspect is inferior to a standalone extension making many other tools truly obsolete.
    Also on a recent update I had a small issue and sent a contact email and it was replied to in less than an hour...an unheard of customer service experience for an extension. FIVE STARS!!!
  • I had to update to v.9.1 since FF8.0.1 (using macos 10.6.8) and experienced issues almost immediately. Firefox' top menu bar stop functionning properly i.e drop-down menus do not work any more. Uninstalled the extension and FF menu bar works again. I've been using this very valuable extension for a long time with no issue in the previous versions.
    Best regards.
    Hi, I am so sorry to hear that. Please email me directly at frode@liquid.info and tell me if you get any messages in the Error Console (go to the Tools menu, then Web Developer to find it) and that will help us track this down. I haven't heard of this particular bug yet but I'm sure we can fix it for you.