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Hi Everybody,
My last review of this addon was on April Fool's day 2012 and was for v. 9.8 on FF 11.
Now I'm running Liquid Words 9.11 on FF 12.
Whats new? Not a lot. It STILL is freezing my FF menus. And it takes about the same amount of time as the last slightly improved version of LW.
So I'm getting close to calling this addon abandon-ware. It's sad as when it was Hyperwords it was my favorite of all addons, bar none.
So now I have deactivated it only a week after they updated to 9.11 and I couldnt take it anymore.
Ciao, - Partok81

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yes, sorry about that. There are some issues and I can no longer afford to update the Add-On. Again, I'm sorry.