Rated 2 out of 5 stars

It was better when it was hyperwords. When you went to translate somthing, it automatically knew what language it was and automatically knew you would like to translate it to the browsers default language & had it ready to click to do it. As well as replaced it with the translation onto the page.

This, you have to basically guess what language it is and have the translation pop up in a little window.

It used to do that automatic/put directly on to the page thing for about all of the things it's got.

This add-on has really gone downhill since it became liquid words.

Hi, It was Google who provided this service and they stopped making it a free service so we can't use it. Sorry about that. We have done nothing but bug fixes since it changed names but Mozilla has been quite stringent about their requirements so I simply cannot afford the level of update we used to have. I am very sorry about this.